February 28, 2012

Find a Job in Australia

Find a job in Australia

Sue Ellson

Finding a job in Australia if you are a migrant, expatriate, repatriate or a local can be difficult, especially if you do not have any local or recent experience. If you are over 45 years of age, you may have concerns that you are ‘too old‘ for certain roles – I can help you find the RIGHT role.

I have helped hundreds of people find a job in Australia.

Whether you are currently in Australia or planning to move here, I can personally help you:

  • update or create your LinkedIn profile
  • decide on the best career options for your current situation (whether you want to be a rock star or a rocket scientist – or anything in between)
  • network to find a job
  • obtain referrals and a mentor
  • gain relevant work experience (paid or unpaid)
  • connect with people I already know who can connect you directly with other people in their relevant networks
  • give you advice on cover letters, interviews and starting work
  • write or edit content you have already prepared for correct Australian English
  • re-write your resume or curriculum vitae for the current Australian market

I can provide this service in person in the city of Melbourne or the suburb of Canterbury or via Skype (by appointment) if you are elsewhere in Australia or overseas.  You can also record the session on the voice recorder on your mobile phone and take notes so that you can review the advice after the appointment.

As an Australian, I can candidly provide you with local knowledge, successful strategies and practical tips and advice – after all, finding a job is a different skill set to doing a job.

I will teach you how to find a job and manage your personal brand so you will constantly have work in the future.

Be warned though, you will have a lot of homework to do that I will review with you. After all, the person most interested in your success is YOU and you know yourself better than anyone else – why waste hours telling a consultant what you already know?

I especially enjoy working with people who are newcomers, expatriates, repatriates or skilled migrants to Australia but I also work with several other well qualified individuals and people who are unsure as to what they would like to do next in their career.

My suggestions are both technical and strategic – so will be of value to you both immediately and in the future, You will be given templates for your resume, cover letter etc.

Additional time can be purchased and can include:

  • making cold call telephone calls on your behalf
  • organising meetings with relevant contacts
  • completing tailored research through LinkedIn and other networks
  • coaching you on interview techniques and Australian culture
  • recommending other services that may be of assistance (either free, low cost or value for money)

Most graduates of this process find and start work that matches their aspirations (career, financial or circumstances) within three months of the first appointment and all graduates have appreciated the process and found it informative, positive and productive.

In some cases, candidates decide that they do not want a job but actually a portfolio consulting career or they start their own business.

My most successful clients book three (3) sessions of two (2) hours each over 4-6 weeks and this usually enables them to create a very successful online brand and move directly into the work that most closely matches their goals. However, one appointment will give you a clear indication of whether or not you will need more assistance.

Remember that a Career Outplacement service will usually charge you between $3,000 – $15,000 per six months. With me, you only pay for the hours you use at an affordable rate.

A Recruitment Consultant is paid by the Employer – not you as the candidate – so they may not be willing to provide assistance.

Take charge of your job hunting process, save time by using the best strategies and start earning an income sooner (which also saves you money) by receiving professional Australian advice by someone who really cares about you and has had plenty of experience.

Success Stories

1. An Australian who had recently returned to Melbourne from the UK had his resume updated before Sue rang some recruiters to discuss his goals in relation to IT Project Management work.  He started work within 7 days at $750 per day.

2. An Indian Mechanical Engineer with Australian Permanent Residency who had studied in Melbourne but was based in Saudi Arabia had been contacting Australian employers for some months with no success.  After finding Sue on LinkedIn, he booked a Skype call and after updating his profile on LinkedIn, he immediately started receiving contact from recruiters and employers, resigned from his job within a week and booked his ticket to Australia with several opportunities already in the pipeline and a backup plan for a role in Far North Queensland.

3. An Argentinian Business Coach who had been living in Australia for many years had been trying unsuccessfully to secure guest speaking opportunities, a full time job or individual clients in Melbourne. After suggesting that she open her service offering to international clients and set herself up in her own business, she is now exploring global business alliances and has finally found her successful niche where she can live in Australia but do business internationally.

4. A Brazilian Graphic Designer with limited English arrived in Melbourne and wanted to improve his limited English and attend English classes. After taking him with his personal design portfolio to local businesses, he was offered work experience in a graphic design firm. He was not paid but they covered his travel expenses and gave him a glowing reference.  He secured his first paid job on his own within six months.

5. An Irish Information Technology Professional who had completed a variety of telecom projects in remote communities around the world was out of work in Brisbane.  After re-designing his resume from scratch, creating a comprehensive LinkedIn profile, establishing profiles on Twitter and his own blog, personally liaising with recruitment consultants in an account director relationship and making direct appointments with researched organisations, he was able to generate the ‘perfect’ role for the next step in his career.  Whilst going through this process, he was advised to decline an inappropriate offer (a big risk as his money was running out) and he also continued to play the piano at local venues around Brisbane.  All of our correspondence was completed via Skype and email.

6. A young Fashion Professional from Singapore had studied in Melbourne but despite many applications, could not get work in the industry for nearly two years.  After revising her resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letters and making a few phone calls on her behalf to find out the best way to go forward, she found a brand new job and started within two weeks of her session with Sue.

7. A very talented Lithuanian woman who had worked for one of the most senior consul generals in the world, had a distinguished career across multiple humanitarian and corporate organisations could not get to interview stage in Melbourne.  After multiple sessions revising her comprehensive resume, she started volunteer work in her targeted organisation and was personally introduced by Sue to the HR Manager of that organisation.  She secured full time work in that organisation soon after.

8. An Australian who left Melbourne when she was 25 and spent 25 years in the USA returned and asked for assistance to find some work.  After a comprehensive discussion, she was recommended to apply for a particular role in her area of expertise of natural therapies – which she received.  However, after discussing the interview and the personal circumstances of the hiring manager, it was agreed that she should decline the role.  She was advised how to do this and it was then decided that a more casual role would be a better way to reintegrate into Australian life (she did not have a partner or children).  She very quickly secured a role in a training organisation working with international students and thrived, was promoted several times and seconded to Sydney.  At the same time, she started to enjoy her ‘new’ life in Melbourne and because the role was ‘easy’ to start with, she had plenty of time to attend various classes, rediscover her location and make new friends.  She has since developed several new initiatives in Melbourne to help many other people with their entrepreneurial goals.

9. A very capable and senior IT Project Manager from Brazil arrived in Melbourne before his family to look for work.  As he had two almost teenage children and a new baby in his family, it was agreed he should apply for a slightly more technical role so that he could work ‘normal’ hours during the first year of his family’s arrival so that he could also spend time with his new baby and support his wife.  WIth his updated resume, he quickly secured suitable well paid work, his family were able to join him soon after and they have all settled successfully in Melbourne (teenagers can find the transition particularly difficult).

10. An Australian who had always lived and worked in Melbourne had ‘stumbled’ through his working life and had been working for a concreting company in an administrative role for many years.  However, his university studies were in law and he wanted to move into either council or legal work.  After updating his resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile, within two months, he had left his job and secured a role in the legal industry without having any legal work experience,  This was his personal dream job as he was also about to get married and wanted to feel secure at the beginning of his new life.  As a nice surprise, he delivered wine and chocolates to Sue to thank her for her professional assistance.

11. A highly qualified Chartered Accountant, Auditor and Risk Manager female client from India came to work with me on 29/10/13. She had only arrived one month beforehand in Melbourne and did not have any Australian work experience. On 20/12/13, Sue Ellson received this SMS on her mobile phone:

Hi Sue.., did not mean to disturb.. just wanted to share some good news which Santa has granted me for Christmas.. I have received two job offers one from Ernst & Young, Pitcher Partners ( a happy confusion to be in) and am currently evaluating.. Wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the help and guidance.. 🙂 🙂

I wish u a lovely Christmas and great success and happiness in the New Year.. 

A great outcome and well worth her financial investment and completing her homework.

Unfortunately there have been some people who were not successful after their appointment with Sue Ellson.  These people held on to their perceptions of the local market and refused to consider alternative options including voluntary work, networking within their own ethnic or faith community, continued to rely on jobs advertised on the internet, did not secure work experience in their profession or industry (whilst earning some money through other sources) and not completing all of their listed homework.  They also did not follow up, go outside of their comfort zone, allocate two hours per day five days per week for the job search or find a mentor.

This process can only work if the client accepts responsibility for completing the additional STRATEGIC tasks recommended by Sue for their personal situation and if necessary, completing further sessions on understanding the interview process and workplace culture in Australia.

Remember that the skills to FIND a job are different to DOING a job.

Ideally, if you are planning to move to Australia, you should start your entire job search strategy BEFORE you arrive.  However, if you haven’t, it is not too late – IF you use the most effective strategies.

Sue Ellson can train you to work with your strengths and complete the most useful and practical tasks in the future that will not only set you up for your next job but also for your future career.

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