Sue Ellson Writing


Poems by Sue Ellson I can hardly call myself a poet, but every now and then, I am inspired to write a short piece that could loosely be called a poem and publish it on my website. Each time I write a piece, I like to explain my motivation and include an image that I Read more about Poems[…]

There's a reason for living by Sue Ellson

There’s a reason for living

There’s a reason for living By Sue Ellson   When a cool wind is in your hair On a warm summer’s day There’s a reason for living Everything is okay   When a refreshing shower Trickles all over your body There’s a reason for living Everything is okay   When your find your favourite food Read more about There’s a reason for living[…]

Under the Surface by Sue Ellson

Under the Surface

Under the Surface By Sue Ellson   Under the surface Below what you can see A heart that has been hurt It belongs to me Under the surface Where no one can hear A voice that has been silenced It belongs to me Under the surface The mouth that won’t open A tongue that won’t Read more about Under the Surface[…]

Generations Poem


Generations By Sue Ellson   Openness generates Opportunity Gratitude generates Generosity Commitment generates Connectedness Resourcefulness generates Referrals Consistency generates Collaboration Significance generates Sustainability Inclusiveness generates Intellect Purpose generates Performance Wisdom generates Willpower Enquiry generates Enterprise Reflection generates Resilience Bravery generates Beauty Learn to Generate Achieve your Goals   Also included in the book ‘120 Ways Read more about Generations[…]

Gone Forever, True Together by Sue Ellson

Gone Forever, True Together

Gone Forever, True Together By Sue Ellson Moments in time seem so fleeting When we look back on our lives seeking meaning At the time something else felt more important Alas we have discovered it simply wasn’t We look back with a sense of regret And wonder why it is so hard to forget The Read more about Gone Forever, True Together[…]

The Journey

The Journey

The Journey By Sue Ellson   Candor builds Character Conflict builds Courage Determination builds Decision Making Experience builds Enterprise Failure builds Fortitude Hardship builds Humility Insight builds Independence Persistence builds Proactivity Rejection builds Resilience Uncertainty builds Uniqueness Values build Purpose Learn the Lesson Accept the Gift Live YOUR Life   Also included in the book Read more about The Journey[…]

The Art of Silliness

The Art Of Silliness

The Art of Silliness By Sue Ellson   Let me be silly I want to be ridiculous We all know that life has become Way too serious Computers and systems are taking over our lives Silliness allows us humans to survive A silly smile, a silly face They give us the chance to make fun Read more about The Art Of Silliness[…]

Politically Erect

Politically Erect

Politically Erect By Sue Ellson Ladies and Gentlemen your attention please! It is time to get off the couch where you sit with ease I want you to stop being politically correct And stand up, be counted, be politically erect! A life well lived involves rights and responsibilities Commitment to others with kind generosities Character, Read more about Politically Erect[…]