August 27, 2013

130826 Business Mentoring and its Growing Popularity

Business Mentoring and its Growing Popularity for the Rotary Club of Canterbury on 26 August 2013

by Sue Ellson

Date: 26 August 2013
Organisation: Rotary Club of Canterbury
Venue: Conochie Hall, 2 Rochester Road, Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Invitation from: John McCaskill from Rotary Club of Canterbury
“Business Mentoring and its Growing Popularity” As the Rotary Club of Canterbury is contemplating a new Mentoring Program, Sue Ellson was invited to share her insights of working with newcomers, migrants, expatriates and repatriates with the group.
Rotary Club of Canterbury with Sue Ellson Rotary Club of Canterbury with Sue Ellson
Left to Right
Neil Williams – Meeting Chair for Rotary Club of Canterbury
Norman Gale – Director of Community Engagement of Camberwell Corps, Eastern Victoria Division for The Salvation Army
Sue Ellson – Founder and Director of Newcomers Network
Melanie Burgess – Coordinator for L2P Learner Driver Mentor Program
John McCaskill – President of Rotary Club of Canterbury

Powerpoint Presentation:
Download the 754kb 10 page Powerpoint presentation created by Sue Ellson or view it on SlideShare here

Text from Powerpoint Presentation:

1. Business Mentoring and its Growing Popularity by Sue Ellson sueellson [at] +61 402 243 271 Monday 26 August 2013

2. Sue Ellson Background

Newcomers Network, Global Mobility Network, Camberwell Network, Sue Ellson, Australian Human Resources Institute International Human Resources Management Network, St Paul’s Anglican Church Canterbury, Camberwell Centre Association, 2013 Concerts in Canterbury
3. Business Mentoring and its Growing Popularity

• Mentoring or Coaching
• Online and in person
• Apprenticeships, Peer to Peer, Supervisor, Program Based
• Provided privately, by council/government, professional associations and not for profits
• Popular with experienced professionals
• Variety of models

4. Program Components
• Clear purpose and direction
• Clear outcomes for both mentors and mentees
• Clear training and structure
• Clear commitment for both parties
• Clear goals
• Clear definitions (risk covered)

5. Mentor Components
• Clear understanding of the program
• Mentor training to understand the guidelines
• Mentor training to be effective
• Mentor training to be up to date
• Mentor supervision
• Reporting back to the group

6. Mentee Components
• Free start • Financial or consequence outcome to continue
• Regular timing (both online and offline)
• Regular comparison to goals
• Recording of changed goals
• Working with other mentors
• Access to additional opportunities

7. Sourcing Mentors
• Club Members – trained
• Friends of Rotary – also trained
• Locals – existing Rotary related relationships
• Locals – new relationships
– warm up
– gentle transition, defined commitment
– training based
– mentoring begins

8. Sourcing Mentees
• Newcomers – specific needs
• Locals – existing Rotary related relationships
• Locals – new relationships
– warm up
– gentle transition, low commitment
– training based
– mentoring begins What is the aim of your program?

9. Case Studies Programs
• Skilled Migrants into Work
• Brazilian Professionals English Improvement

• Finding a mentor
• Keeping it sustainable
• Measuring your return on investment
• Matching it to existing programs

10. Questions
• Online tools
• Scalable options
• Training topics
• Realistic numbers
• Networking and experience
• Stakeholders
• Checking in – how to learn and grow, and any barriers to results

Download the 23.8MB .m4a file lasting 50:21 recording of Sue Ellson’s presentation with an introduction to Montserrat Fernández Pera

Further information:

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4) Call Sue Ellson on +61 402 243 271 or connect with Sue via
5) Committee for Melbourne Future Leaders Program 6) ABRISA – Brazilian Association in Victoria
7) Camberwell Network – monthly networking events on the Third Wednesday of each month
8) City of Boroondara Free Mentoring Service