Educate Plus Conference Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn for Education Professionals

Educate Plus Conference Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn for Education Professionals

Date: Thursday 4 September 2014 10:25am – 11:25am
Organisation: Educate Plus (formerly ADAPE), a not-for-profit membership organisation of advancement and development professionals working in the education sector within the following professions: Admissions, Alumni and Community Relations, Fundraising and Marketing and Communication
Session: Biennial International Conference 3 – 5 September 2014, Concurrent Session
Venue: Crown Conference Centre, 8 Whiteman Street, South Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Invitation from: Natalie van Wetering
Introduction: Natalie van Wetering
Topic: “Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn for Education Professionals”
Details Online:

Educate Plus Biennial International Conference 2014

Session: Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn for Education Professionals

There are over five million Australians and over 300 million members worldwide on LinkedIn (and in 2014 it expanded into China). You can find, connect and network with your peers, professionals, mentors, alumni and anyone else you meet, both locally and internationally. Converting the LinkedIn platform to a useful tool for you and your enterprise is simple, if you have the right skills and strategy. Learn practical tips you can implement immediately and harness the power of LinkedIn for your purpose. Find out how to build your network, maintain your relationships, and source new opportunities.

Three Key Take-Aways:

  • Basic facts and techniques for maximising your career and professional opportunities
  • Strategies for promoting your own goals and organisational objectives
  • An interactive question and answer component for clearer understanding

Sue Ellson

Date and time:
Thursday, 4 September 2014 – 10:25am to 11:25am

M6, Level 1 (Changed to larger Promenade Room)

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Sue Ellson Biography
Founder, Director and Melbourne Representative of the Australian Newcomers Network since September 1999, in 2003 Sue became one of the first 100,000 members of the international social media platform LinkedIn, which now has over five million members in Australia and over 275 million worldwide. Her profile was in the top one per cent of viewed profiles in 2012 and she has more than 4,000 connections worldwide.

Sue regularly generates local and international business, work and career opportunities for herself and others through LinkedIn, provides training workshops, speaks at various professional events, has authored a variety of articles, and provides private client consultations for people seeking new job or career opportunities. A ‘learning junkie’, she attends around 100 events, workshops, seminars and conferences every year. Sue established the Newcomers Network, Global Mobility Network, Camberwell Network, and Linked In Australia websites, and provides business and marketing consultancy services to small businesses. With a Bachelor of Business and Administrative Management from the University of South Australia and a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, Sue is a Victorian State Convener for the Australian Human Resources Institute.

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Educate Plus Conference Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn Sue Ellson
Educate Plus Conference Welcome

PowerPoint Slides:

Download the PowerPoint Presentation on Harnessing the Power of LinkedIn for Education Professionals here

Audio Recording:

Download the 28MB .m4a file lasting 1:00:46 recording of Sue Ellson’s presentation here


Sarah Moran kindly posted a summary online at

Thanks Sarah!

Educate_Plus on Twitter

Thank you @sueellson for your great tips on #LinkedIn and teaching us how to stalk anonymously 😉 #educate_plus

Great LinkedIn tips by @sueellson
Keep a record of your viewer statistics
Showcase your efforts through images, pdfs, videos

LinkedIn tips from @sueellson
– List all your publications
– Continually update your profile

LinkedIn isn’t about boasting or bragging. Its about displaying your knowledge in a modest, neat & tidy manner. -@sueellson

Sue, Thanks very much. I got so much out of your session. Can’t wait to get back to the office on Monday and start using LinkedIn more effectively.
Sue Russell

I enjoyed your presentation at the Educate Plus Conference today.

and on 06/09/14 via LinkedIn

Sue, your was a standout presentation for me. I loved the practical tips and tricks and have already started applying some of them. Thank you.
Angela Gardner

We so enjoyed having you there Sue! Thank you for your participation.
Georgina Cain

Thanks Sue. Your presentation was indeed practical and very useful.
David Osborne

Very useful presentation, thank you
Glenda Hunter-Brittain

Dear Sue,
Thank you for such a wonderful session on the power of LinkedIn at the EducatePlus Conference last week.
Many thanks,
Prue Bowley

I very much enjoyed your presentation at last week’s Educate Plus Conference in Melbourne – and I realise there is a lot more I can and should be doing on my linkedin profile, so thank you!
Lana Rockliff (from New Zealand)

Hi Sue
Thanks so much for your engaging presentation. You are an incredible speaker.
Catherine Kolomyjec

Good morning Sue,
Your presentation was by far my favourite! I will definitely be taking your advice and will update my LinkedIn profile ASAP.
Monica Masters

Hi Sue
Thanks for a most comprehensive session at the conference and the info to get set-up on LinkedIn.
Kind regards
Janet Naylon

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