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LinkedIn, Careers, Business, Hyper Local Marketing, Gigsters

I am currently available for professional

  • community consultations
  • conferences
  • courses
  • events
  • facilitating
  • festivals
  • fireside chats
  • forums
  • guest speaking
  • keynote speaking
  • lectures
  • media interviews
  • newspaper interviews
  • online courses
  • panel discussions
  • podcast interviews
  • presentations
  • professional development sessions
  • questions and answers
  • radio interviews
  • seminars
  • town hall events
  • training
  • tutorials
  • virtual summits
  • workshops
I provide details of my Services and Pricing here and you can contact me directly or complete the enquiry form below and I will respond as soon as possible and usually within 24 hours of receipt.

I provide a lot of free online content available for a wide range of people that you are welcome to re-use on request.

Most Common Topics

I have prepared prepared presentations for a wide range of topics aligned with my consulting services, including but not limited to:

  • LinkedIn (for your career or enterprise)
  • careers (helping you choose and find the best options), employment, recruitment
  • business strategy
  • hyper local marketing and marketing strategy
  • social media strategy (including Google Business)
  • basic website design (WordPress)
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • networking online and in person
  • newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, skilled migrants, settlement
  • or any other relevant topic

Contact Sue Ellson

If you prefer, you can download this Sue Ellson Speaking or Training Request Word Document and email it directly. 

For urgent requests, please call +61 402 243 271.


Please Note
All of my professional and pro bono work is researched, educational and tailored for the specific audience and does not include a sales pitch or lead to paying clients. A one hour personalised presentation requires a minimum of four hours of my time (not including travel) and includes the digital slides or handouts, recording and re-use rights. 

I offer a limited number of free/exchange presentations (usually one per month).


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