August 11, 2017


Sue Ellson Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback

Sue Ellson Reviews, Testimonials and Feedback

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 19 reviews
by Bradley Saul on Sue Ellson
Presentation to Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria

Dear Sue,On behalf of the Guild, we extended our sincere gratitude and thanks for your efforts at our recent seminar. It was absolutely wonderful and we really enjoyed your presentation. Yours sincerely, Bradley Saul, President, Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria

Thank you Bradley - it was a great group of piano tuners and technicians who were willing to learn - I enjoyed it too! Thanks for the review. Sue Ellson 🙂

by CS on Sue Ellson
Create a Simple WordPress Website Course

I recently undertook Wordpress training with Sue Ellson at the CAE in Melbourne. She provided a wealth of information in the course.

Thanks CS - was great to have you and your partner in the course and I hope you publish heaps of great information in the future! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Josephine on Sue Ellson
Social Media Strategy for Business

This course provides a broad overview of where to start with Social Media depending on your target audience and the different platforms available. Sue breaks down how to use Social Media effectively for your business, makes the whole concept of Social Media less overwhelming and demonstrates that if used properly can make the difference to your business.

Thanks Josephine for your review of the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) Social Media for Business Course - was great to have you there and I trust you will be able to implement the learnings in your business! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Monika Greich on Sue Ellson
Wordpress training

Thanks Sue for an interesting and informative wordpress training session. Kept me interested all day. Lot's to learn and do! Look forward to next week's installment, and beyond. Cheers Monika Greich

Thanks for your feedback Monika - so great to have someone so motivated and willing to learn in the class and I have no doubt you will have your 'homework' completed before the next session! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Kim Duong on Sue Ellson
Working The Australian Way Workshop - Sue Ellson session

You have delivered the terrific presentation about LinkedIn and Networking, showing your amazing knowledges and experiences on this topic. It's an amazing strategy. I'm so lucky to participate your training session and talked to you. Thank you very much for your sharing.

Thank you Kim, it was a pleasure to have you in the group and see so many people engaging and smiling and then networking with others straight afterwards! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Mary Unwin on Sue Ellson
LinkedIn insights

Thanks Sue Ellson for your professional approach and a lively useful presentation on LinkedIn, loved the depth of knowledge, the way you interact with your audience so easily and your own stories of LinkedIn stuff ups and successes. GOLD!

Thank you Mary for joining the LinkedIn workshop at iTandCoffee recently - you asked some great questions and also shared your own useful insights with the other participants - and thanks for the review too! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Deng Bul on Sue Ellson
Digital competency

I attended Sue's presentation about digital competency for careers and business in Australia at FECCA2017 conferency in Darwin. Her presentation on the topic was not only inspiring but a reckoning moment for me. It gave hope and tools to navigate the increasingly changing world through connections, people networking and above all knowing that there is something in everything. I also won a book and I am reading creatively!!!

Thank you Deng for your feedback - was great to see your smiling face and to see you adopt such a proactive approach after joining the session! Happy reading!! Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Elaine on Sue Ellson
LinkedIn training session

I recently attended Sue's LinkedIn training session in Melbourne's East. I was very impressed with her knowledge and the tips she gave were very easy to follow and very useful. Highly recommend her LinkedIn training sessions.

Thank you for joining us Elaine and well done on your recent finalist nomination - best wishes for a win! Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Gil Hotchkiss on Sue Ellson
LinkedIn Training

Sue was fantastic in her simple but effective style training to make a complicated subject entertaining and fun to learn. Awesome Workshop!

Thank you Gil - was great to have you in the workshop and see you so engaged throughout the evening - thanks for joining the group and thanks again to the City of Boroondara and iTandCoffee for making the event possible! Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Barrie on Sue Ellson
Wordpress session

Sue is a high energy, clear and informative presenter.Great session with lots of extremely helpful hints and tales of her experiences.Definitely back for session 2!

Thanks Barrie - great to have you in the group - and with your wealth of experience, I appreciate your feedback immensely! See you next Thursday. Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Sally Dobson on Sue Ellson
Sue Ellson

Attended one of Sue's workshops today. Very informative, Sue goes above and beyond what I expected. She is terrific

Thank you very much Sally - it was a pleasure to have you in the class and you had some really insightful questions! See you again next week! Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Gary Johnson on Sue Ellson
LinkedIn workshop

I recently attended one of Sue's LinkedIn workshops at Bendigo Bank Kew East. It was an excellent summary of useful tips on how to use LinkedIn effectively. I liked how Sue got to know her audience and kept her information relevant to the people in the room. Thanks Sue

Thanks Gary - I really appreciate your feedback! It was great to have you as a part of the group and thanks for your questions too! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Jade on Sue Ellson
Fantastic LinkedIn workshop for small businesses

Kew For You and other small businesses, clubs and community groups were lucky enough to have Sue come and run a workshop on the 10 best ways to use LinkedIn for your business in Boroondara and beyond. Such a valuable two hour session. Definitely recommend for all small businesses!

Thank you Jade for joining us! Yes, it was a really great group who got involved and shared lots of great ideas about how they use LinkedIn for their businesses at the Bendigo Bank in Kew East last Thursday. Keep up the great work! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Justin on Sue Ellson
Thanks Sue

I recently attended a LinkedIn presentation through the Small Business Festival. I found Sue’s presentation insightful and took away a lot of useful information. I now utilise LinkedIn as a legitimate networking and business tool to market my capabilities and services. I appreciated the helpful hints and will look to further improve my information after attending the presentation. I look forward to attending the advanced presentation later in the year. Thanks Sue.

Thanks Justin, great to have you at the LinkedIn Business Brand Booster Blueprint event, even better to hear that you are now taking action and I look forward to seeing you at the Masterclass soon! Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Deb Benkemoun on Sue Ellson
Very Positive

Dear Sue,Thank you for the very informative session I attended last week at RMIT. Prior to attending, I was contemplating removing my site, as I was not aware of the benefits I could gain for my business if I put in a little effort. Need to find that perfect photo!Kind regards,Deb Benkemoun

Thanks Deb for your feedback - so glad that you did not delete your LinkedIn Profile before the event at RMIT University! So many benefits from having a LinkedIn Profile, especially if you can align it with your purpose! All the best with finding or creating your photo! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Anon on Sue Ellson
How To Promote Your Website Free Of Charge

I attended Sue Ellson’s Promote Your Website course at the CAE. I loved it! Sue is a vibrant, enthusiastic and genuinely interested tutor. Her ability to target information directly in line with the needs of the individual learner cannot be understated. All participants were very pleased with the content and the fact that it was delivered in a way that was relevant to their own online ventures, business or otherwise. It’s great to be working with a totally authentic individual who really knows her stuff, has loads of practical experience and is up to date with recent trends. I’m super keen to do more courses with Sue in the near future. Thanks again. It was just great.

Thanks for joining us - it was great to have you in the class and hear about your online adventures! Sue Ellson 🙂

by Anon on Sue Ellson
Fitzroy Library Career Development for Over 40's

Dear SueThank you so much for your inspiring workshop.The two most important things I learnt from your talk is to maintain a positive attitude and that it's all about being the 'right fit' for a company and a position. It's okay if you don't get the job. It just means you may be the 'wrong fit' for that particular company or position.Of course, I learnt so many other things too. I am so looking forward to working through the wonderful materials you have generously sent to us all. Hope to see you again out there in the big wide world. Thank you so much.PS I laughed when you mentioned've only started looking for a new job....but after your talk yesterday, a job I am really excited about popped up when I googled a particular company I'd like to work for. I have a two weeks to prepare myself ( before the deadline)...I feel very positive after your talk and will look forward to putting an application together for it. Thank you so much.

by Claire Collins on Sue Ellson
How to Promote Your Business Free of Charge

I have met a lot of people through operating a business for nearly 20 years and Sue is a very intelligent and insightful person - a wise owl (you'll notice I didn't put old in there Sue!!). After a three minute synopsis of each individual's business or requirements, Sue gave extremely targeted advice across a broad cross section of fields. I will certainly enrol in other courses that Sue intends to take. I would highly recommend her service.

Thank you Claire! It was great to have you in the class 'How to Promote Your Website Free of Charge' at the Centre for Adult Education (CAE). I am sure that your enterprise will continue to grow and develop in the future - you have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will guide your decision making process! Cheers, Sue Ellson 🙂

by Steffie Wallace on Sue Ellson
How To Promote Your Website Free Of Charge at the CAE

Dear Sue,I'm sorry this is a bit late, but I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with your course, 'How to Promote your Website Free of Charge'.I cannot recently recall another short course which offered so much information and helpful suggestions in the space of a few hours. I found the information invaluable as a resource and I am still processing the content and references in your notes which you generously supplied.Thank you for providing me with a very helpful, useful and well-researched set of notes, backed up by a stimulating and interesting commentary!Kind regards,Steffie

Thank you Steffie, it was a pleasure to have you in the class. Thank you for your great clarifying questions and I saw you write a lot of notes - well done! 🙂 Sue Ellson