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Podcasts with Sue Ellson

With Sue Ellson - Independent LinkedIn Specialist Author, Educator, Practitioner, Consultant

I have been a podcast guest speaker on a variety of podcasts from around the world and happily share the recording links through my online channels.

You may also like to see a list of my Radio AppearancesPresentationsTrainingVideos and audio recordings of my poems on the Poems Podcast page.

I welcome enquiries from podcast, audio show and radio producers and hosts for future interviews – podcast speaking information below.

For copyright reasons, I cannot republish broadcasts here (but I do include the links) and I am happy to let you listen to a recording if I have one and there is no link.

This is a link to the Sue Ellson Podcasts Playlist on YouTube.

Sue Ellson Appearances on Podcasts

Podcast - Guest Requests

Would you like me to appear on your podcast?

Quick tip: Pronounce my name as “Sue Ell-son” (no letter ‘i’ in the middle) and my gender pronouns are she/her.

I am based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but am happy to be interviewed in local times between 7am and 10pm. 

The tips and information I share are designed to be useful and practical.


My most popular topics are:

  • LinkedIn and Social Media Strategy
  • Careers and Business
  • Hyper Local Marketing
  • Gigsters and the Gig Economy
  • Building an online presence (SERPs and CHERPs)
  • Newcomers, Expatriates, Repatriates
  • Writing, Non-Fiction Books, Poetry, Author Profiles

Promotion and Exchange

 When I appear on a podcast, here is how I support the podcast program:

  • create a permanent search engine and chat experience optimised page on my website with all the podcast details and links to the podcast, your website and relevant details (see the links below for past appearances)
  • create a social media post that is shared on my Facebook Page, Google Business Location, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Twitter
  • if it is published on YouTube, I also add it to my Sue Ellson Videos on YouTube Playlist and my Sue Ellson Podcasts Playlist
  • share the details in my monthly newsletter on my websiteLinkedIn ProfileLinkedIn Page and email distribution list (view the most recent newsletter to see the number of subscribers for each channel)
  • offer a relevant giveaway, links, resources, opportunity etc for your audience or details for your Show Notes
  • connect with you on LinkedIn and engage with any of your social media posts where I am @mentioned

Background Details

  • You can find my photo, various length biographies, personal story and background on the about page of my website
  • You can learn more about my books here 
  • My social media links are listed on my contact page and at the bottom of this page
  • I host a free LinkedIn Insights webinar on the second Wednesday of the month – recordings and upcoming topics here
  • If you have a specific topic or area you would like me to address, please let me know and I will ensure I find relevant facts, statistics and details to support our conversation and provide extra value to your audience / listeners
  • If you need help with interview questions, I can provide some related to your audience / listeners or the podcast topic
  • I am happy to be recorded on audio (I use a Blue Yeti microphone) and/or video 
  • I can be pre-recorded or appear live – see my live television appearances videos here
  • My answers to questions are always designed to be solution-focused
  • I am respectful of all people from all backgrounds and am sensitive to triggers and trauma
  • I speak clearly and people who have English as a second language have told me that they find it easy to understand me
  • My mantra is ‘friendly and professional’ and I like to ‘cut to the chase’
  • I like to educate, not sell – I actually answer questions and share relevant stories or case studies!
  • You can hear what other people have said about me via the Sue Ellson Reviews page of my website

Podcasts -Past Appearances with Sue Ellson

Here is a list of the podcasts where I have appeared – sincere thanks to all Podcasts Hosts for the invitation!

15 March 2024
The Wisepreneurs Project
The Gigster’s Guide to Lifelong Employability

Nigel Rawlins interviewed Sue Ellson

29 January 2024
My Focus Inspire Me Podcast
Career Changers – How to Write a Good LinkedIn Profile
Leonie Lam interviewed Sue Ellson

3 October 2023
The Indy Author Podcast
Embracing your own online brand of peculiar
Matty Dalrymple interviewed Sue Ellson

12 September 2023
The Liz and Katherine Talking Business Podcast
18 LinkedIn Tips You Wish You Knew Sooner
Liz Carroll and Katherine Minett interviewed Sue Ellson

13 June 2023
School Marketing Journal Podcast
Maximising LinkedIn for School Heads
Brad Entwistle interviewed Sue Ellson


7 March 2023
Confident Video Presenter Podcast 
How a LinkedIn Specialist Went To The World Via Video with Sue Ellson and Julian Mather
Julian Mather interviewed Sue Ellson


31 August 2022
Unstick My Career Podcast
How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out with Sue Ellson
Robert Cugno interviewed Sue Ellson


26 June 2022
The Why I Network Podcast
Why I Became a Gigster with Sue Ellson
Kojo Thompson interviewed Sue Ellson

03 Nov 2021
Get out of Teaching Podcast
Sue Ellson Business And Career Author
Elizabeth Diacos interviewed Sue Ellson

26 Nov 2020
Step Into Abundance 360 Podcast
4 Practical Tips to Attract the Right Business and Opportunities
Sophia Au interviewed Sue Ellson


10 Jun 2020
The Jampod Gigsters Podcast
Inside Look Into The Australian Gig Economy

Angela McCann interviewed Sue Ellson

26 May 2020
My Focus Inspire Me Podcast
3 Linkedin Strategies for your Career right now
Leonie Lam interviewed Sue Ellson


14 Jan 2019
Social Media Specialist Show
The LinkedIn Way
Leanne Peard interviewed Sue Ellson


04 Oct 2017
Talking Better Business with Craig Oliver Podcast
LinkedIn for Business Success
Craig Oliver interviewed Sue Ellson


18 Jul 2017
Tell Us a Story Podcast
LinkedIn for Business
Linda Coles interviewed Sue Ellson


11 Jul 2017
Everyday is New Day Podcast
Entrepreneur roadmap to success, inspirational leadership, positive impact businesses – Episode 153
Dr Bijan Nasiri interviewed Sue Ellson


17 Jan 2017
Razor Sharp Show Podcast
How To Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business And Personal Brand
Ray Milidoni interviewed Sue Ellson


12 May 2015
Australian Businesswomen’s Network (Her Business) Podcast
Get the most out of your LinkedIn profile
Suzi Dafnis and Cat Matson interviewed Sue Ellson