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LinkedIn Insight Webinars and Recordings

With Sue Ellson - Independent LinkedIn Specialist Author, Educator, Practitioner, Consultant

I started hosting LinkedIn Insight Webinars every month on 6 October 2021.

Here you can register for the events or view the recordings from past events.

I joined LinkedIn in 2003 and started consulting and providing training on LinkedIn in 2008. I have written and published several books including ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn‘ and ‘LinkedIn for me and my career of business.‘ I am a recognised International LinkedIn Specialist.

The recording link allows you to download the slides and watch the video replay and engage with the social media posts from the event.

The webinars are usually hosted on the Second Wednesday of the month at 12pm Melbourne time GMT+10 or GMT+11 October to April.

Everyone who registers to attend receives an email with a link to the recording.

You are invited to contact me directly if you would like further assistance.

Free LinkedIn Webinars and Recordings

These are mostly held on the Second Wednesday of the month at 12pm AEDT (UTC+11)

  • LinkedIn for Managers and Senior Leadership Professionals 12pm 13 December 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Scientists and Technical Professionals 12pm 8 November 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Consultants and Advisors 12pm 4 October 2023 – Details to come (1st Wednesday)
  • LinkedIn for Teachers, Tutors and Training Professionals 12pm 13 September 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Bankers and Finance Professionals 12pm 9 August 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers and Legal Professionals 12pm 12 July 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Politicians, Public Servants and Government Professionals 12pm 14 June 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Real Estate and Commercial Property Professionals 12pm 10 May 2023 – Details to come
  • LinkedIn for Military, Defence and Emergency Services Professionals 12pm 12 April 2023 – LinkedIn Event – Eventbrite – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Social Media, Marketing and Digital Strategy Professionals 12pm 8 March 2023 – LinkedIn Event – Eventbrite – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Recruiters, Headhunters and Executive Search Professionals 12pm 8 February 2023 – LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Medical, Health and Nursing Professionals 12pm 11 January 2023 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Migrants, Expatriates and Repatriates 12pm 14 December 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Sales People 12pm 9 November 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Career Changers 12pm 12 October 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Tradespeople 12pm 14 September 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates 10 August 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Women 12pm Wednesday 13 July 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Authors 12pm Wednesday 8 June 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Early Career Professionals 12pm Wednesday 11 May 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Creatives 12pm Wednesday 13 April 22 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Education Professionals 1pm Wednesday 9 March 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Human Resource Professionals 12pm Wednesday 9 February 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Journalists and Media Professionals 12pm Wednesday 12 January 2022 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Board Directors and Senior Leaders 12pm Wednesday 8 December 2021 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for CEO’s and Business Owners 12pm Wednesday 3 November 2021 LinkedIn Event – Recording
  • LinkedIn for Business Coaches and Career Specialists 12pm Wednesday 6 October 2021 LinkedIn Event – Recording

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