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Sue Ellson Professional Services and Pricing

LinkedIn, Careers, Business, Hyper Local Marketing, Gigsters

I am currently

  • writing – books, articles, blogs, copy, newsletters and poetry
  • training – presentations, training, keynote speaking, seminars, workshops, lectures, guest speaking, professional development sessions, facilitating, forums, discussions, conferences, events, festivals
  • creating – serving regular clients – marketing strategy, social media marketing, website updates, technical support, webinar co-hosting, facilitation
  • consulting – on LinkedIn (for your career or enterprise as an Independent LinkedIn Specialist), online branding (your entire online presence), careers (helping you choose and find the best options), employment, recruitment, business strategy, hyper local marketing and marketing strategy, social media strategy (including Google Business), basic website design (WordPress), search engine optimisation (SEO), networking (online and in person), newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, skilled migrants, settlement
  • pro bono – usually around 10 hours per week including hosting free LinkedIn Insight Webinars every month, providing exclusive and detailed media commentary and content for journalists and broadcasters and supporting various individuals and enterprises through pro bono or value exchange writing, training, creating and consulting

How can I help you?

  • assist with updating your LinkedIn Profile and resume for your purpose (including writing content) and further training and resources for follow up
  • one-on-one practical training and coaching for busy executives and specialist consultants (online branding, social media, LinkedIn, Google Business, WordPress websites, digital strategy, branding and online presence)
  • provide group training related to online branding, social media (in particular LinkedIn), WordPress websites, networking etc
  • collaborate on effective techniques for your career or business (securing work or gaining clients, includes job interview preparation)
  • settlement support related to moving to Melbourne or moving elsewhere, cultural transition for international expatriates,  repatriates and skilled migrants
  • review an existing website and social media and update accordingly for strategic enterprise purposes and explain what is happening and what you can do yourself and what you can outsource
  • general business management and administration consulting as per your requirements
  • complete an online representation audit (both website and social media) and suggest improvements and complete tasks
  • create the first edition of a WordPress website complete with search engine optimised content and images, Google Accounts etc
  • reconnect regularly to provide updates, maintenance or further marketing support

How do I work?

My goal is to independently advise and assist you on what is best for your needs – my only agenda is your benefit!


I have been attending up to four events per week (both international and local, online and offline) since completing my university studies in 2000 to keep myself up to date.


I also listen to webinars and podcasts, subscribe to industry newsletters and magazines and read a great deal of relevant content most days.


As a regular trainer, I need to keep myself up to date so that I know more than my adult students. I am both an educator and a practitioner. 


For my clients, I make sure that I understand their requirements and get moving towards productive results as quickly as possible by selecting the most effective solutions that can provide a long term return on investment (time and effort).


If I do not believe that I can offer the best service for your needs, I will refer you to other people in my network who may be able to provide the service you need.


I also have a range of ongoing clients (mostly small business owners who consult on a regular basis and outsource some of their technical tasks to me).


That said, I am not a techy geek by nature, I am more of an empathetic and proactive results-oriented skills coach.


I do things that work based on experience and results with other clients from many different industries!


In group situations, I make sure that whatever is delivered is relevant and tailored for the audience.


I can meet you at your level of expertise – from beginner to very knowledgable.


I look forward to working with you!! 🙂


Typical Clients

Most of my clients are based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, but I also work with people across Australia and internationally on request (either in person or online).

  • senior executives and experienced professionals
  • newcomers, expatriates, repatriates and skilled migrants
  • small and medium sized business owners
  • local, state and federal government, professional associations and not-for-profit enterprises
  • early learning, secondary schools, tertiary colleges, universities and adult education providers
  • local and international publications and websites


Professional Packages for your Purpose

Job Seeker

Clarify the most effective job search strategy for your goals, help you update your resume and LinkedIn Profile (with recommended templates and wording edits for your industry), training on how to network online effectively, secure referrals in your own network including three hours face-to-face assistance ideally in three separate appointments. Online appointments can be recorded. Will require you to complete some tasks between appointments. Includes all templates and additional resources. AUD$700

Professional Job Seeker

Clarify the most effective job search strategy for your goals, update your resume and LinkedIn Profile (based on what you already have and further questioning), initial networking online with at least five targeted individuals, secure three referrals in your own network and three in my network including six hours face-to-face assistance. Online appointments can be recorded. Will require you to provide information requested if not available verbally. Includes all templates and additional resources. AUD$1,300

Online Presence Review and Audit

Review of current internet presence for you and/or your enterprise, complete a social media audit, review statistics and profiles, provide recommendations in a written report and deliver results in a one hour online session including time for questions that can be recorded. Includes all templates and additional resources. AUD$1,000

New Website and Social Media Profiles

Preparation of first edition search engine optimised WordPress website using the WP Astra Theme, Elementor Page Builder (paid version) and edited Starter Template with training on how to update it yourself. Includes collection and editing of basic content. Ideal for a first edition website that you can ‘upgrade’ later when you are ready for stage two with a maximum of 10 pages. You will be guided on how to purchase your own domain name, domain name privacy and website hosting so you have full ownership of your website. Can use provided photos, logos and content. Includes preparation of a usernames and passwords list. Creation and/or updating of Google Business Profile, free Google Website, installation of Google Analytics, Security, Backup and Search Engine Optimisation Plugins and updates or creation of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube social media profiles. Includes all templates and additional resources and digital copies of four books. Full outline to be confirmed before commencement. AUD$5,000

Flexible Investment Options and Pricing

If you would prefer to sample my support, or you would like to consider group support, the following flexible options are available:

Free and Accessible Now

All of the educational content on this website (which you are encouraged to find via the site map or search box and menu below) including the resources listed on the Latest Offer page

Fixed Amount

If you would like something just done, let’s clarify what you need done and I can offer a total amount as I know that some people like to know up front. I like to offer an hourly rate as a starting point so you can gain immediate results and confirm that we are aligned. Some work requires me to work with you as I am not a mind reader, but there are some tasks I can complete for you independently. As a former banker, I make sure that all of the services I provide deliver a return on your investment, are ethical and provide long term value. I have a broad toolkit of knowledge, skills and networks.

Personal Assistance

AUD$195 per hour for up to two people online (can be recorded) or in person in Melbourne

Book directly by phoneemail or via

Group Assistance

AUD$500 per training hour (includes bespoke preparation, presentation delivery, digital presentation files, the ability to record and share, unlimited participants). Enquire directly by

Group Day Programs

Half day (4 hours) AUD$1,100 and full day (8 hours) $1,900 (unlimited participants and recording allowed)
Enquire directly by

Payment Terms

Payment by invoice after email confirmation and before appointment (or agreed corporate terms)

Pro Bono Special Requests 

If it is for speaking or training services, please complete the speaking or training request form with your requirements.

If it is for consulting services because you currently have difficult personal circumstances, please use the free content first including LinkedIn webinar recordingspublicationspresentationspodcastsvideos and the latest free offers.  

Please contact me directly with details of what you have done so far and what you would like help with next. I will then send aligned tasks to complete before our time together to ensure we are a suitable fit.

Online appointments

Can be recorded so you can watch them again or share them with your administrative assistant.

Travel costs

Additional if outside metropolitan Melbourne

Large enterprises

With more than 50 staff, please request a specific quote


All amounts include 10% Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) – international clients are GST free which means you save 10%!

Changed appointments

May attract a cancellation fee of $100, especially if at short notice or during peak times

Credit card, international and pay later payments available

5% surcharge to cover administration fees


You can find these online via 

Contact Sue Ellson