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I was never taught how to write poetry, but I do a lot of it!

I would like to believe my poetry writing is improving over time…

You are invited to contact me directly if you would like me to write some poetry.

Poems By Sue Ellson Written And Published From 2022 To Now

25 January 2023 Sleep Poem

29 December 2022 Grumpy Poem 

21 December 2022 End Of Year Rush Poem

17 November 2022 Pain Alert Poem

15 November 2022 Agony Poem

26 October 2022 Post Traumatic Growth

16 October 2022 Hoping

09 September 2022 Queen Elizabeth II

08 September 2022 R U OK? Day

25 August 2022 Wheels Fallen Off

06 August 2022 Unique Person

26 July 2022  Domestic Violence

26 July 2022 What if I imagined

30 June 2022 Joyfully Me

02 June 2022 Reasons

12 May 2022 If Only

24 April 2022 By the Seaside

05 April 2022 Solitude

29 March 2022 Cognitive Dissonance

16 March 2022 A Sudden Passing

27 January 2022 Accessible

25 January 2022 Lipstick Days

Poems Written And Published 2016 - 2021

Commissioned Poems Links

If you would like me to write about something in particular, please contact me.

Poem on Video

The Change‘ is a poem I wrote and recorded during the first of many COVID-19 Lockdowns here in Melbourne on 13 February 2020. The poem starts at 00:02:23 in this video.

Most of the poems listed above include an audio recording.

My Poetry Writing Background

My first ‘poetry’ memory is from my Year 9 French class in secondary school in 1979 when I was asked to convert a French poem into English – I apparently did a very good job, with the number of syllables roughly matching

St Tropez French Poem Sue Ellson 1979

Fast forward to 2016 when I started writing non-fiction books. I was listening to Spotify at the time and heard a fantastic advertisement about Victoria University and I asked for their permission to re-use the content in the front of my first book.

I was hooked. I started writing more poems and made sure that each book started with a poem. My fourth book, Gigsters, has a poem in every chapter. Two more books in the pipeline will be all poems!

Each time I write a piece, I like to explain my motivation and include an image that I think reflects the meaning in a visual sense.

I have started adding audio recordings for each piece, I may get to doing videos (not a huge fan of video). I do not have any formal poetry writing training and I don’t follow any particular methodology.

However, I do remember making up songs in the shower as a child – making both the lyrics and the ‘music’ on the spot, so hopefully at some point, I will be able to write songs with music. Unfortunately I did not learn music as a child (apart from one school term on the recorder), so that may not happen for some time.

I hope you enjoy my poems and I welcome your feedback!

If you would like me to write about something in particular, please contact me.

If you would like to reproduce them elsewhere, you are welcome to do so, but you must quote me as the author and ideally, link back to this website.

I consider myself to be a Victorian Australian, from South Australia, and thanks to my education and technology, a citizen of the world.

For my special series on Psychology Poems, please click here.