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By Sue Ellson

I have been interviewed by various journalists at the Daily Mail since 2018 and here is a list of the publication links!

Daily Mail Publications with Sue Ellson
Daily Mail Publications with Sue Ellson

2 April 2024 – 68
Why every Aussie employee should be worried about the new ‘quiet cutting’ trend: ‘The workplace is changing’
By Carina Stathis

30 May 2023 – 67
Inside the new work trend sweeping offices as young Aussies use company time to focus on their side hustle
By Antoinette Milienos

29 May 2023 – 66
Why Aussie marketing manager loves controversial ‘bare minimum Mondays’ trend – and says it’s the ‘best decision she’s made’ for the team
By Carina Stathis

18 May 2023 – 65
Young Aussie quits her dream job and explains why she was happier living off Centrelink benefits
By Ben Talintyre 

3 May 2023 – 64
Why Gen Zs and millennials are giving up their day jobs in their droves – even if it means they can no longer afford to pay the bills (The Great Burnout)
By Louise Allingham

6 March 2023 – 63
The rise of ‘bare minimum Mondays’ – and why it’s the latest job trend taking thousands of workers by storm
By Carina Stathis

9 February 2023 – 62
How to email ‘like a boss’: Careers expert lists the mistakes office workers make – and why you should NEVER say ‘just wanted to check in’
By Sophie Haslett 

6 February 2023 – 61
Why millions of Aussies who quit their jobs in the ‘Great Resignation’ now regret it – as careers expert reveals what you need to ask before going back
By Carina Stathis and Kathryn Minshew from The Muse

24 December 2022 – 60
The productivity hacks used by Bill Gates and JK Rowling: In a world of distractions… the techniques used to get projects finished faster from ‘deep work’ to ‘time blocking’
By Jessica Warren

20 December 2022 – 59
Recruiters reveal the three different personality types employers are really looking for – and how to know which one you are
By Sophie Haslett

28 November 2022 – 58
The rise of ‘career cushioning’: Everything you need to know about the controversial new workplace trend gripping Australia
By Carina Stathis

20 October 2022 – 57
The surprising Emojis you SHOULD be using in 2022 (and how to use them) – as the 10 symbols only ‘old people’ use are revealed
By Belinda Cleary

12 October 2022 – 56
Why NOBODY should be using the ‘thumbs up’ emoji in 2022 – and the 10 symbols only ‘old people’ use that have Gen Z rolling their eyes
By Belinda Cleary

6 October 2022 – 55
The rise of ‘quiet firing’: The concerning and ‘dangerous’ job trend sweeping Aussie workplaces – and the signs it could be happening to YOU
By Carina Stathis

12 September 2022 – 54
‘Quiet quitting’ trend can be stopped by bosses but workers should be more up-front
By David Southwell

19 August 2022 – 53
Scott Morrison spends HOURS on Facebook making memes and sharing jokes – amid a warning that he will struggle to get a job following his ‘minister for everything’ scandal
By Pádraig Collins and Charlie Moore

17 August 2022 – 52
Why Scott Morrison may find it harder to get a job after scandal
By Charlie Moore

4 August 2022 – 51
The rise of ‘quiet quitting’: This VERY worrying job trend sweeping Australia – so what exactly is it?
By Carina Stathis

09 June 2022 – 50
Are emojis in emails EVER okay? Career expert reveals the right time to use them, the punctuation mistake that makes you seem ‘insecure’ and the clichés to stop using NOW
By Laura House and Carina Stathis

22 November 2021 – 49
Expert who predicted the Great Resignation reveals his NEXT forecast for the workplace – as up to 25 per cent of Australian workers think of quitting
By Pádraig Collins

01 November 2021 – 48
Why The Great Resignation is a ‘MYTH’ – but there are still huge changes on the way for Australian workplaces in 2022
By Stephen Johnson

31 October 2021 – 47
The Great Resignation explained: Why MILLIONS of Aussies will leave their jobs from March 2022 in a ‘once in a lifetime’ phenomenon meaning YOU have the power, NOT your boss – and the industries set to be hit the hardest
By Carina Stathis

16 September 2021 – 46
Careers expert: The four things employers wish they could say about your cover letter – and the words you need to replace on your CV now
By Carina Stathis

07 September 2021 – 45
The most infuriating email anyone can send in 2021 – and why you need to stop sending them NOW
By Carina Stathis

25 August 2021 – 44
Aussies share their most cringeworthy Zoom meeting moments – from being naked on camera to making rude comments and forgetting to mute
By Belinda Cleary and Carina Stathis

24 August 2021 – 43
Career expert: The major mistakes you are making while working from home – from not turning on your camera for Zoom meetings to establishing ‘lazy’ routines
By Carina Stathis

22 July 2021 – 42
Recruitment expert reveals why you should be PAID to attend a job interview – and how it benefits the boss as well
By Carina Stathis

02 June 2021 – 41
Office workers reveal the email phrases they can’t STAND – from ‘happy hump day’ and ‘just checking in’ to sending kisses as a sign off
By Belinda Cleary

06 May 2021 – 40
Revealed: The four signs you should re-think a new job offer – and how to turn the position down without burning any bridges
By Carina Stathis

30 April 2021 – 39
From ‘just touching base’ to ‘as per my last email’: The cringeworthy workplace clichés to stop sending NOW – and how to respond instead
By Carina Stathis

28 April 2021 – 38
What can you be fired for? Lawyer reveals eight breaches you didn’t know could cost you your job – and one of them is how you DRESS
By Sophie Haslett

07 April 2021 – 37
How to write the perfect cover letter: Recruiter reveals the five mistakes job-hunters make – and her tips for improving your application NOW
By Carina Stathis

04 April 2021 – 36
How to find work after JobKeeper: LinkedIn career expert reveals the four steps to get your career back on track – from connecting with former colleagues to updating your skills
By Carina Stathis

25 March 2021 – 35
Going for a new job? Career expert reveals how to earn the highest salary – and the two questions you should NEVER ask
By Carina Stathis

16 March 2021 – 34
How to write the perfect email: Careers expert reveals her checklist for the ideal format – and the punctuation you should NEVER include
By Carina Stathis

15 March 2021 – 33
‘What are your weaknesses?’ Career expert reveals EXACTLY how to answer this question in a job interview – and the mistake you should never make
By Carina Stathis

12 March 2021 – 32
Are you using the right email sign-off? The ‘unprofessional’ term that you should NEVER include and the huge punctuation mistake that makes you seem insecure revealed
By Carina Stathis

30 December 2020 – 31
REVEALED: The social media red flags that could stop you from landing your dream job – so how many are you guilty of?
By Belinda leary

24 December 2020 – 30
REVEALED: Careers expert shares the seven ways to tell if a job interview went well – and how to nail it every time
By Sophie Haslett

02 December 2020 – 29
How to write the perfect cover letter: Careers expert lists her top dos and don’ts – and why you should NEVER write ‘to whom it may concern’
By Belinda Cleary

18 November 2020 – 28
How YOU can get a pay rise during a COVID recession – and why avoiding the work Christmas Party is a big obstacle to getting promoted
By Stephen Johnson

07 October 2020 – 27
REVEALED: The seven biggest myths about job hunting – including how long your CV should be and whether you should REALLY discuss salary at an interview
By Sophie Haslett

25 September 2020 – 26
REVEALED: The five personality traits jeopardising your chances of getting ahead at work
By Carina Stathis

19 August 2020 – 25
REVEALED: The top seven questions asked at job interviews – and how to answer them to make sure you get the job
By Sophie Haslett

04 August 2020 – 24
Recruiter shares the four ways to get your job application noticed – and the ‘gaps’ in employment you should ALWAYS address
By Sophie Haslett

16 June 2020 – 23
Does your CV pass the ‘skim test’? Careers experts reveal the three make or break factors that determine whether you will get the job
By Carina Stathis

09 June 2020 – 22
REVEALED: The simple keywords to use on your LinkedIn profile that will have employers coming to YOU with job offers
By Carina Stathis

25 May 2020
Daily Mail Australia – 21
How to write the perfect cover letter: Recruiter reveals the five mistakes job-hunters make – and her tips for improving your application NOW
By Sophie Haslett

15 May 2020 – 20
‘What is your biggest weakness?’ Employment expert reveals the best answers to give in an interview – and what you should NEVER say
By Sophie Haslett

07 April 2020 – 19
Know the ‘perfect’ resume formula, start a free TAFE course and update your LinkedIn profile: Careers expert reveals her top tricks for making yourself as ’employable’ as possible on the other side of COVID-19 isolation
By Carina Stathis and Lauren Ferri

07 April 2020 – 18
Eight reasons your boss can fire you as employers look to make cuts because of coronavirus – and some aren’t as obvious as others
By Sophie Haslett

16 March 2020 – 17
How to efficiently work from home: Careers expert says a ‘RADICAL’ approach is needed to maintain productivity – and reveals her guide for mastering the transition fast
By Carina Stathis

17 September 2019 – 16
‘No worries if not’: The apologetic phrase women can’t stop using at work – and the six other terms that need to be banned from your office vocabulary NOW
By Emilia Mazza

07 April 2019 – 15
Quit saying sorry and don’t be resistant to change: Careers experts reveal the five personality traits that are holding you back at work
By Emilia Mazza

13 March 2019 – 14
How to land your DREAM job: Careers expert reveals her tips for writing a perfect resume – and the top five mistakes people make in interviews
By Billie Schwab Dunn

12 January 2019 – 13
How millennial employees are GHOSTING bosses by quitting jobs without notice – as experts warn the rise of ‘faceless’ online interactions means it’s only going to get WORSE
By Stephanie Linning

11 January 2019 – 12
How to land your DREAM job: Careers expert reveals her tips for writing a perfect resume – and the top five mistakes people make in interviews
By Billie Schwab Dunn

08 January 2019 – 11
From checking out of conversations to using abbreviations: The bad work habits that are making you look unprofessional
By Kristy Johnson and Emilia Mazza

10 January 2019- 10
Beat the post-holiday blues! Personal trainers, nutritionists and life coaches reveal how to make it through the first week back at work after your summer break
By Emilia Mazza

07 January 2019 – 9
How to get a pay rise in 2019: Careers expert reveals the nine steps to boosting your salary this year – and what to do when your boss says no
By Kristy Johnson

28 November 2018 – 8
Tim Tam tasters and puppy cuddlers: The BEST jobs in Australia revealed – and how you can score yourself your dream role now
By Emilia Mazza

03 September 2018 – 7
Revealed: The characteristics of the ‘most promotable women’ – and why your hair colour could be key to moving up the career ladder
By Emilia Mazza

21 August 2018 – 6
The best age to change careers revealed – and the one thing you should NEVER do when switching jobs if you want to succeed
By Sophie Haslett

09 August 2018 – 5
The four words you should NEVER use in a work email – and the e-greeting guaranteed to boost your professional reputation
By Alice Murphy

03 August 2018 – 4
The most common mistakes that get employees fired – and the simple tips to help you to nail a promotion
By Sophie Haslett

27 July 2018 – 3
The workplace trend causing CHAOS for bosses: Careers specialist reveals the VERY rude dating fad that’s entered the professional world
By Sophie Haslett

29 June 2018 – 2
From air traffic controllers to miners: The jobs with salaries over $100k that you DON’T need a university degree for – and how to secure them
By Alice Murphy

05 June 2018 – 1
How to spice up your LinkedIn profile to catch the eye of employers – and what you should NEVER include if you want to land that dream job
By Sheree Mutton

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