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I have either written or prepared content or been interviewed for a range of publications including books, printed newspapers and magazines, online portals and platforms, social media, websites and more.

Items with a number listed afterwards are the ‘number’ in the ‘series’ for this publisher.

You are invited to contact me directly if you would like me to prepare content for you.

Most Common Topics

I have prepared content for a wide range of topics aligned with my consulting services, including but not limited to:
  • LinkedIn (for your career or enterprise)
  • careers (helping you choose and find the best options), employment, recruitment
  • business strategy
  • hyper local marketing and marketing strategy
  • social media strategy (including Google Business)
  • basic website design (WordPress)
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • networking online and in person
  • newcomers, expatriates, repatriates, skilled migrants, settlement
  • or any other relevant topic

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Publications 2024

20 June 2024
Poems and Poetry Podcast Coming Soon

20 June 2024
‘New school thinking’: First-of-its-kind directory to shine a spotlight on Australian women speakers
Morganne Kopittke interviewed Sue Ellson
Shared online Archive.orgFacebook PageGoogle BusinessLinkedIn Page, LinkedIn Profile, Twitter / X
20 June 2024
LinkedIn Strategies on the ADFAR Tech Leader Speaker Series Podcast with Sonal Snehal Shah
19 June 2024
Gap Year in the Australian Defence Force
18 June 2024
Why is it difficult to make friends as an adult?

16 June 2024
Loneliness Poem
2 June 2024
Dignity Poem

1 June 2024
Creating Content on LinkedIn: A Step By Step Guide
Sandra Di Francesco mentioned Sue Ellson
29 May 2024
Monthly Email Newsletter Edition 30

28 May 2024
LinkedIn Audit For Schools – Association of School Business Administrators ASBA Associate Magazine Pages 21 – 22
27 May 2024
Digital FTE – How AI can replace people and the hourly rate

21 May 2024
LinkedIn for Career Development Practitioners for Career Development Association of Australia CDAA

21 May 2024
ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) versus ALCC (Australian Learner Competency Credentials) for Year 12 Secondary Students
20 May 2024
Career Development Association of Australia CDAA Presentations and Publications

10 May 2024
Man Becomes A Meme After He Shares 7 B2B Sales Tips He Learnt From His Proposal

Sue Ellson quoted by Beverly Noronha and Denis Krotovas
Shared online Archive.orgFacebook PageGoogleLinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Page, Twitter / X

10 May 2024
A poem about Billabong Retreat

9 May 2024
Billabong Retreat Poem
8 May 2024
10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Career Results

7 May 2024
2024 Guide to Crafting a UX Resume
Sue Ellson quoted by Inna Kay

30 April 2024
Monthly Email Newsletter Edition 29

28 April 2024
Heart Poem Republished on Siena Retreat Center Facebook Page

28 April 2024
Gather Together Poem
24 April 2024
Self Sufficiency Strategies * (slides and recording)

23 April 2024
My Top Tips for Writing a Book
Yvonne Junor mentioned Sue Ellson

22 April 2024
Is it time we expanded the remit of the HR function?
Sue Ellson added a comment
22 April 2024
Expectations Poem

20 April 2024
How to maximise your next performance review
Sue Ellson quoted

10 April 2024
10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Business Results
3 April 2024
McKinsey pays staff to quit
Misa Han LinkedIn News Editor Featured Post
3 April 2024
Nine Months’ Pay To Leave – 18 * April 2024
Why every Aussie employee should be worried about the new ‘quiet cutting’ trend: ‘The workplace is changing’
Carina Stathis interviewed Sue Ellson

2 April 2024
Educate Plus Presentations and Publications

31 March 2024
Monthly Email Newsletter Edition 28
31 March 2024
How to showcase your Australian Women Speakers Membership Directory Listing on LinkedIn and Your Website

28 March 2024
Rotary Club of Canterbury eBulletin Volume 38 – Issue 32

25 March 2024
Artificial Intelligence and Online Presence for Rotary Club of Canterbury
21 March 2024
LinkedIn for Businesses in Whitehorse

19 March 2024
My Light Poem was included in an Instagram Post by Ellie Allyn, a photographer from Milan, Italy talking about the light in a photograph
19 March 2024
500 Subscribers on YouTube

16 March 2024
Educate Plus Summary of Presentations
15 March 2024
The Wisepreneurs Project Podcast
The Gigster’s Guide to Lifelong Employability
Nigel Rawlins interviewed Sue Ellson

15 March 2024
Thriving in the Gig Economy: Lessons from a Lifelong Learner
Nigel Rawlins interviewed Sue Ellson
15 March 2024
Flourish Poem

13 March 2024
10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Research

12 March 2024
2024 Data Finance and Online Update For Schools
12 March 2024
Australian Women Speakers List
6 March 2024
Mind the Gap: Strategies to Overcome the Gender Pay Gap
By Melita Long – Sue Ellson quoted–Strategies-to-Overcome-the-Gender-Pay-Gap.aspx

29 February 2024
Sue Ellson Newsletter 27th Edition
26 February 2024
Tough Workplace Topics on Channel 9 Today Extra – 18
25 February 2024
How to ask for a pay rise

22 February 2024
Work-from-home Rights in Australia
20 February 2024
Existing Terminology and Artificial Intelligence Terminology

19 February 2024
Retaining Top Workers

14 February 2024
10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Networking

13 February 2024
Happy Galentine’s Day

13 February 2024
Polywork on 3AW 693 AM Radio Melbourne with Tony Moclair

11 February 2024
LinkedIn Expert, Specialist, Consultant or Trainer

7 February 2024
The future of PR freelancing: Experts, entrepreneurs and flexibly
Heather Yaxley PhD FCIPR quoted Sue Ellson
7 February 2024
Get the job with expert advice
Share By Cayla Dengate, Editor at LinkedIn News

6 February 2024
Definition of Success Poem

31 January 2024
Four Day Work Week – 16
Tony Moclair interviewed Sue Ellson 3AW Radio Melbourne
30 January 2024

Sue Ellson Newsletter 26th Edition
30 January 2024
Career Changers – How to Write a Good LinkedIn Profile – Podcast
Leonie Lam interviewed Sue Ellson

29 January 2024
2024 Tips for Jobseekers

27 January 2024
LinkedIn Site Map

25 January 2024
Australia Poem

23 January 2024
Hobby to Career – 15
Tony Moclair interviewed Sue Ellson 3AW Radio Melbourne

17 January 2024
25 jobs on the rise in Australia
Cayla Dengate News Editor at LinkedIn featured the Article I had written on ‘How to change your career for health, wellbeing and lifestyle

16 January 2024
#SackTok – 14
Tony Moclair interviewed Sue Ellson 3AW Radio Melbourne

15 January 2024
How to change your career for health, wellbeing and lifestyle
ifa Independent Financial Adviser Magazine
Shared on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Twitter

14 January 2024
How to change your career for health, wellbeing and lifestyle – 102
LinkedIn Article
Shared on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Twitter

10 January 2024
10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Strategy  – 28

1 January 2024
Youth Summer Employment – 13
Shane McInnes interviewed Sue Ellson 3AW Radio Melbourne