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LinkedIn Articles were launched after LinkedIn acquired Pulse in 2014. These can be optimised for Google Search Results and last a lot longer than a Post in the LinkedIn Newsfeed. 

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LinkedIn Content by Sue Ellson

The following is a list of the Articles and Newsletters that I have published on LinkedIn.

Some of the Articles have been re-published in the Sue Ellson Blog, so if you would like to stay on this website, click the link to the ‘*Blog Version.’ Others marked with a star * may be added to the blog in the future.

The link that LinkedIn provides for all past Articles is – 112 as at 5 March 2024 (130 if you include the monthly newsletters) – you will find that there is one extra listed here because one Article was published under the Company Profile rather than the Sue Ellson Personal Profile.

LinkedIn Articles

112 articles as at 14 January 2024

14/01/2024 How to change your career for health, wellbeing and lifestyle

12/02/2023 How to recession-proof your career or business

02/01/2023 Working Close To Home

11/11/2022 70 Ways To Get More Followers On LinkedIn *Blog Version

13/08/2022 What to do before you sack someone

06/08/2022 The Great Respect – Lived Experience Activism and Advocacy *

11/05/2022 Career advice for my younger self *

21/03/2022 LinkedIn Add Career Break Option – yes or no? *

02/02/2022 Where can you find warm leads on LinkedIn?

27/01/2022 Sorry, we don’t have a budget for that

30/09/2021 What to do before you quit your job *

28/09/2021 LinkedIn Events Facts and Strategy *Blog Version

16/09/2021 How to write and add Achievements to your LinkedIn Profile *

10/09/2021 Should you pay for social media ads?

29/08/2021 Who can I connect with on LinkedIn?

24/08/2021 Losing a job during lockdown

19/08/2021 LinkedIn Headline Formula – Label, Keywords, Interest *Blog Version

21/07/2021 LinkedIn for Women

08/07/2021 Pay job candidates for interviews? Say what???

22/06/2021 LinkedIn for Early Career Work or your First Job or Business

03/06/2021 New Features on LinkedIn in 2021 (from the Sue Ellson Company Page)

17/02/2021 How to find a job or work using LinkedIn

08/02/2021 LinkedIn for Clubhouse and Clubhouse for LinkedIn

15/01/2021 LinkedIn for Creators, Artists, Creatives, Musicians, Songwriters, Makers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Videographers, Designers, 

Managers and Agents *

13/01/2021 Plans or Principles for 2021?

14/12/2020 LinkedIn Page Strategies for Schools, Colleges, Professional Associations and Universities *

13/10/2020 Australian expatriates returning home and becoming repatriates during a pandemic *

19/08/2020 New Features on LinkedIn in 2020

24/06/2020 LinkedIn Marketing for Schools, Colleges and Universities *

10/06/2020 The Gig Economy in Australia for The Jampod Gigsters *

07/04/2020 How to find school, college and university students, staff and alumni on LinkedIn and Online

25/03/2020 What to do for your business whilst you are at home

23/03/2020 What to do for your career whilst you are at home

19/03/2020 LinkedIn for Academics, Professors, Adjuncts, Lecturers, Instructors, School Teachers, Educators, Tutors, Researchers, Deans 

and Vice Chancellors *

18/03/2020 How to feel connected online and avoid loneliness

17/03/2020 Tips for finding remote work or working from home jobs

20/01/2020 LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates *Blog Version

14/12/2019 The most unhappy time of the year

04/12/2019 The problem with saying ‘just get a job’

23/10/2019 Could finding a job or work be a psychological mind game?

07/10/2019 Networking – Free and Paid Online and Offline – What really works? *

27/05/2019 Google My Business Free Website and SEO Strategies

21/05/2019 LinkedIn Profile Updates Cheat Sheet *

05/03/2019 Happy, Helpful or Hurtful Sheets – the only three questions you need to ask on a Training Evaluation Feedback Form *

18/02/2019 What to do before you upgrade or redesign your website

07/01/2019 What to do before and after Google Plus (Google+) is shut down in April 2019 *

31/12/2018 LinkedIn Predictions for 2019 #BigIdeas2019

07/11/2018 How to help someone with their career when they won’t listen to your advice

05/10/2018 Content Engagement, Curation and Creation Strategies for Busy People *

01/09/2018 LinkedIn Changes in 2018 – Layout, Features, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and Laptop *

13/07/2018 20 ways to encourage a LinkedIn Post to go viral *

07/07/2018 How to generate Leads, Sales and Results with LinkedIn *

16/05/2018 Tough Love for Unemployed Job Seekers between 30 and 50 years of age *Blog Version

11/05/2018 Backing up a WordPress Website in case you get hacked *

23/04/2018 Looking for a job? Check out 5 things you can update on your LinkedIn Profile

28/02/2018 How To Write A LinkedIn Profile Summary For Your Purpose

11/02/2018 How To Write A Search Engine Optimised Article On LinkedIn *

04/01/2018 20 Ways Your Employees Can Support Your Business On LinkedIn And Why They Should *

19/12/2017 One thing you cannot do on LinkedIn – it’s against the LinkedIn User Agreement

20/10/2017 Articles or Posts on LinkedIn?

16/10/2017 It’s not what you know, it’s not who you know, it’s who refers you! *

19/08/2017 Tough Love for Unemployed Job Seekers under 30 years of age *Blog Version

27/07/2017 Tough Love for Unemployed Job Seekers over 50 years of age *Blog Version

22/05/2017 Top 10 ways to encourage sharing of your LinkedIn Articles *

14/05/2017 120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally – Tried and True Tips and Techniques Book By Sue Ellson *

12/04/2017 LinkedIn for Authors, Writers, Playwrights, Script & Screen Writers, Ghost Writers, Literary Agents, Publishers and Distributors

10/01/2017 New LinkedIn Layout – A Very Different Desktop Experience *

10/12/2016 The Business Case for LinkedIn *

02/12/2016 Go Digi 2016 National Year of Digital Inclusion Awards Winners *

20/10/2016 LinkedIn for Tradespeople (Tradies) – Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters etc *

10/08/2016 How Much Should I Pay For A Website And What Should Be Included In The Website Design Proposal? *

14/06/2016 Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn – What Do I Do Now? – Don’t Panic *

12/06/2016 Career Changers – Top 20 Tips To Reinvent Your Career In Life And At Expos *

30/05/2016 120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business – Tried and True Tips and Techniques Book By Sue Ellson *

23/03/2016 Share Your Story – Let the World Know Your Name *

20/03/2016 LinkedIn for Journalists – Stories, Sources and Success *Blog Version

09/03/2016 120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn – Tried and True Tips and Techniques Book By Sue Ellson *

04/03/2016 What is LinkedIn? Why should you create a good LinkedIn Profile? *

16/02/2016 Top Time Management Tip – The 10 Minute Rule

01/01/2016 Partners For Business And Life *

16/12/2015 Are You A ‘Gunna’ Or A ‘Dunna’?

07/12/2015 Multiple Job Search Strategies That Will Work *

09/11/2015 Can Unemployment Be Good For You?

03/11/2015 Procrastinating Over Decluttering? Sort Out Your Business And Your Life Now

08/10/2015 LinkedIn Keywords – What Primary and Secondary Keywords Should You Use? *

01/10/2015 LinkedIn – Six Quick Wins to Search Engine Optimise (SEO) Your Profile *

28/09/2015 Duplicate LinkedIn Profiles – How to Delete or Merge Two or More LinkedIn Accounts *

24/07/2015 Forum for Expatriate Management Sydney Culture of Global Mobility *

23/07/2015 How to change your life in 10 years – or less *

06/07/2015 Top Tips for a Professional LinkedIn Social Media Profile Photograph *

22/06/2015 LinkedIn Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

26/05/2015 Is Business Infrastructure the key to Business Development? *

04/05/2015 How To Choose Your Next Job Or Career

24/04/2015 Do you have time for an accountability partner?

23/04/2015 What to do before you speak to a website designer *

02/03/2015 How to Maximise Your Company Profile on LinkedIn *

06/01/2015 Are job interviews like dates?

19/12/2014 LinkedIn Tips for Happy Holidays

05/12/2014 How to run successful networking events *

14/11/2014 Learning how to say no

23/10/2014 Digital Wisdom – teaching old dogs new tricks and new dogs old tricks

16/10/2014 How to showcase your professional membership on LinkedIn *Blog Version

12/06/2014 Hyperlocal Marketing – Speed Up Your Marketing By Going Hyper Local *

07/04/2014 Authentic Networking on LinkedIn

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