Living Poem

Living Poem By Sue Ellson

Living Poem

By Sue Ellson


Surviving or Striving
Grieving or Believing
Suffering or Strengthening
Gossiping or Belonging
Longing or Living


I visited Brisbane, Queensland on Wednesday 28 November 2018 and as I was walking from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and was waiting at the traffic lights on the corner of George and Alice Streets, I saw this magnificent building and captured a quick photograph. When I looked at the image of the woman with the hair blowing and the pace at which she took off when the walk light went green, I couldn’t help thinking about how people live nowadays. It seems that so many people are in some rush and at the same time, have challenges that they carry with them. This was reinforced with another two clients I had on Thursday and Friday, so I couldn’t resist thinking about how we can choose to live – in a state of challenge or a state of faith. I encourage you to do your best in faith for a positive future. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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