Poetry Month By Red Room Poetry #30in30

Red Room Poetry Poetry Month 30 in 30 By Sue Ellson

Poetry Month by Red Room Poetry #30in30

By Sue Ellson

Red Room Poetry are the organisers of Poetry Month and in August 2022, they provided 30 writing prompts for three line poems for 30 days.

I joined the challenge and here are my contributions.

If you would like to see the writing prompt for each poem, please click on the date link as it will take you through to Facebook where you can see the writing prompt, my poem, the engagement it received and some of the other entries (it was also run on Twitter and Instagram).

I started making contributions on 2 August 2022 and you can see them below.

31 August 2022

The three of us

30 August 2022

Radical responsibility
Ethical acceptance
Logical living

29 August 2022

Going out bush
Never been before
Wishing for more

28 August 2022

Take what resonates
Leave the rest behind
Sort in your very own mind

27 August 2022

Between ground and sky
Here I am searching
For my way to fly

26 August 2022

Body, mind and soul
Emotions kept on hold
Which of these is the most bold?

25 August 2022

If I could truly be
What falsehood
Would you not see

24 August 2022

Words escaped
That moment of dread
But the look on their face described all unsaid

23 August 2022

Is in the heart
Of all that I start

22 August 2022

Trees and birds
Rustles and chirps
Blue sky above, heaven on earth

21 August 2022

Where I live
Right now is home
Temporary resident, I roam

20 August 2022

God may shrug
And wonder why
But never, ever, say goodbye

19 August 2022

Anger is signal
Waiting to be
Seen, heard and dealt with

The Dance of Anger, Herriet Lerner

18 August 2022

Waves and ways
Water flows
Life sows

17 August 2022

Lavender outside the window I see
Bees working hard
I watch and be

16 August 2022

I can’t believe it
That was so good
An independent report will prove it

15 August 2022

Don’t shake your head at me
My strength you cannot see
That is my beauty

Katharine Hepburn

14 August 2022

Even in concrete
Plants find a way
To shine and stay

13 August 2022

My older brother
Why do I feel him
When I can’t see him

12 August 2022

I sort my thoughts in words
My dreams in pictures
And my love in poems

11 August 2022

Overlooking the bay
The mountains I see
Blue and bluer mystery

I spent a lot of time in 2016 at Clifton Springs (near Geelong Victoria) writing…and loved the colours of the bay and the sky and the You Yangs in the distance

10 August 2022

In the hospital
A new mother
Joins the sisterhood of life

9 August 2022

Cancer cells undetectable
Amazing news
How wonderful

8 August 2022

Spoken versus unspoken
Choice versus option
Love’s motion

7 August 2022

So when its time to go
You open the door and go whoa
What’s the first thing you say?

6 August 2022

Generosity in all things we share
Love shows that we care
Let’s dare

5 August 2022

Look for the lines of truth
Look for the lines of pain
Bask in the glory of all you’ve gained

4 August 2022

Welcome back
It’s been too long
Rest in my rhythm

3 August 2022

For your house is your home
Where your soul rests
In the harmony of your hearing

2 August 2022

For freedom from fear
Of stormy seas
And broken hearts

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