10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Page

10 Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Page with Sue Ellson Independent LinkedIn Specialist

10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Page

By Sue Ellson

Topic: 10 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Page
Date: Wednesday 12 July 2023
Time: 12:00pm – 12:30pm AEST time (UTC+10)
Venue: Zoom
Recording: Will be sent to everyone who registers to attend and will also appear here

This event was designed to help you improve your LinkedIn Page and is the 22nd event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar Series.

There are several items below including:

  • video recording
  • PowerPoint slides
  • LinkedIn Event page for networking
  • comments from the chat in the webinar
  • feedback from the webinar
  • reviews after the webinar
  • follow up personal assistance
  • how to say thank you Sue
  • engage on social media
  • upcoming and past presentations, recordings and publications
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The LinkedIn Event Video Recording

YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGhLSGLDafI

The LinkedIn Event PowerPoint Slides

The LinkedIn Event Page for Networking

The event on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/events/10waystoimproveyourlinkedinpage7074558202448658432 will show you who registered to attend for 12 months so you can network away to your heart’s content! (Over 200 participants)

Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

Thank you so much
Thanks Sue
Thanks Sue – valuable
Thank you
Thank you Sue, most generous
Thanks for the session, Sue
Thank you
A lot of features to look into.
Thanks you.
Great session . Thank you
Thank you Sue! Very nice!
Thanks Sue – much appreciated
Thank you 🌸
Thank you, Sue. Well done.
Thanks just left a Google Review
Great session thank you
Thanks Sue. Very nice
Thanks again Sue. I need to jump off. Very helpful.
Lots of great tips Sue. I love what you said about noticing whether what you are doing organically is working, and also to ‘just start’.
Love all this… so much good information…. lots to digest
Thank you for the session Sue. Need to get back to work 🙂
You’re a star Sue 🙂
Thank you great webinar!
Thanks, so valuable. lots to work on
Thanks for free education Sue, much appreciated and you’re doing a wonderful job with the ‘Golden goose’
Good luck with your book
Bye Sue, bye all!
Yes its really worth it (referring to the four hour in-person workshop in Melbourne)

Feedback Survey – What has been most helpful to you from this webinar?

Got me thinking about using LinkedIn more consistently and effectively
Identifying a number of features I was not aware of, and how to access them
This was a greater refresher after completing the 1 day course with you last year.
Opened my eyes to how a business can get the most out of Linkedin Encouraged me to take a ‘test and learn’ approach and to ‘just start’ De-mystified how to use Linked in as your ‘Golden Goose’
The information about the newsletter and being able to ask your personal followers to follow your business page.
Detailed clear webinar
Very little
It is highlighting how little I know (after 11 years on LinkedIn)
Some good tips – I need to become more familiar with some features
Tips for my LinkedIn page.
Info around newsletters
Great webinar Sue! You packed a lot in.
Reminding me about the dashboard
Company perspectives and updates

Feedback Survey – What will you do next?

Create some material to share
Review my page and see what enhancements I want to make.
Review analytics to see what’s working.
Considering how to continue to build my profile and engagement Linkedin as I enter the ‘gig economy’ Keep sharing stories but consider doing it more consistently (ie. once a week) Consider the ratio of engagement to creating content
Create a newsletter
Will update my LinkedIn profile Will attend her upcoming sessions
Clarify my business strategy and then ask you for help
Try to recall what I want to do and update page.
Analyse my page.
Start drafting a newsletter. I also want to do my first LI audio event.
Update my page, Thank you!
Follow tips 1. weekly engagement on personal site 2. check out company site and write post or article 3. plan a LI event

Reviews after the Webinar

‘Useful and lots of suggestions to pursue! short and sweet.‘ Chris B on Google

Follow Up Personal Assistance

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How to say Thank You Sue

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