2020’s Legacy Poem

2020's Legacy Poem By Sue Ellson

2020’s Legacy Poem

By Sue Ellson


In unprecedented times of agile necessity
Working from home became a reality
It gave us an opportunity to stop and reflect
On principles, on planning and what to do next


Outside a virus was lurking in the air
Inside our minds we became hyper aware
Of numbers and cases
Of deaths and despair
Of transmissions and admissions
From zero to everywhere


Of restrictions and masks
Of social distancing
So much of our life
Seemed to be missing


Of loved ones lost
In time or life
Of opportunities changed
And economic strife


The world changed in 2020
And so did we
The pandemic released
So much technology


And now when we pause
Wondering what’s in store
Will life be just like this
Even more and more?


Let’s look at the lessons
That we have learned
Let our hearts beat now
With more care and concern


For friends
For family
For colleagues
For community
Let the virus help us create
A world of unity


And when we look back
Hopefully then we will see
That Mother Nature is calling
For more humanity


Now that 2021 has arrived, the typical process would be to plan for the year ahead (if you haven’t already at the end of last year).

However, I find myself revisiting all of my Principles and Plans as I consider what 2020 has taught us all and whilst my fundamental beliefs have not changed, I feel as if the principles I live by have become much clearer and more resonant with how I want to live on a daily basis in the future.

For many people, 2020 was a wake up call. For me, it was a ‘time to rest’ call. After pushing forward on a relentless basis for so many years, I was able to press pause and it was as if Mother Nature asked me to return to my roots and think about ‘why’ before I think about ‘how.’

Let’s listen to her loud call and think about how we can support our environment and our community, so that future generations can enjoy the many benefits we have enjoyed. With love, Sue 🙂

A reflection on Planning and Principles for work and life is here on LinkedIn.

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