A Sudden Passing Poem

A Sudden Passing By Sue Ellson

A Sudden Passing Poem

By Sue Ellson


On the fateful day
We lose a soul
Their sudden passing
Takes its toll


Of memories past
Of lost opportunities
Of regretful choices
Of sad communities


How do we go on
Without their love
How do we reach
Their star above


How do we replace
Their presence and smile
How do we go forward
And make life worthwhile


Day by day
The trauma decreases
Day by day
Our heart increases


As we reflect on their life
Both the joy and the strife
We pause, we ponder
We cry, we wander


We look for ways
To cherish their existence
Then ultimately sacrifice
Our own resistance


For they may be gone
But they are not forgotten
They live in our memories
Selected often


And in those moments
They live again
Thoughts can comfort
And ease the pain


So until it is our turn
Let us live every year
Let us grasp this life
And be of good cheer


Each life has its season
And so many reasons
Let’s learn the lessons
And count our blessings


Like many other people, I was shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Blaise Van Hecke, writer, photographer, publisher, partner, mother, relative, friend, community advocate and so much more. Whilst we only met a few times, her impression was lasting.

I am sure that most people have lost someone suddenly and it is an unwelcome surprise and shock. Even when we have some warning, when the moment finally comes, we are not always prepared for how we will feel, how we end up responding or how we can recover in the future.

Words come and go. Feelings slide to and fro. Hearts ache and tears flow. At first we need to survive. At some later point, we try to thrive.

But sometimes, we never let go lest we lose them forever, a pain we cannot bear. We often keep them in our hearts and minds. I always cry. I crave forgetful moments when the pain is fierce. Ultimately I discover their gifts as I reconcile the loss and remember that I need to keep living and exploring on this journey called life.

I am happiest when a beautiful memory interrupts my day, often without warning. And then I give thanks.

If you have experienced the passing of a loved one, I wish you comfort and clarity, however long that takes. With love, Sue 🙂

Photo is of bird that came to vist me when I was writing at Clifton Springs in Victoria, Australia on 29 November 2015.

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