Agile Poem

Agile Poem By Sue Ellson

Agile Poem

By Sue Ellson


It’s easy to be grumpy
And a little bit fragile
It seems that nowadays
Everyone wants me to be agile


I am not always ready
To wake up with a smile
I didn’t necessarily sleep well
And jump out of bed fully mobile


I know that I need to adjust
But it sometimes takes a while
You see I need more information
To justify a new style


I am willing to be swayed
I am not in the smallest percentile
Just respect my views from the past
They could even be worthwhile!


Last night I attended an event about The Future of Work and the big word of the night was ‘agile.’ It seems that many people find change difficult and are not always ready to adopt an entirely new methodology overnight. I believe it is important to understand that yes, we do need to adapt, but we do not need to forget everything from the past and it is so easy to assume that someone appears to be ‘grumpy’ when they do not or cannot adjust instantly.

Transition, co-creation and re-design can be far more effective if all perspectives can be heard respectfully and evaluated without stereotyping and chest beating. Believe it or not, I remember saying in my third job interview ever, when I was only 22, that one of my weaknesses was ‘I get grumpy sometimes.’ Interestingly, I got the job! So please don’t assume that the only people who are grumpy are over a certain age. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of front gate at a property in Mansfield, Victoria on 31 March 2018

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