Difficult Not Dangerous Poem

Difficult Not Dangerous Poem By Sue Ellson

Difficult Not Dangerous Poem

By Sue Ellson


When you face an obstacle that fills you with dread
Ask yourself, is it difficult or dangerous and move ahead


When you are in conversation and you must make a choice
Remind yourself that you too have an important voice


When you see someone who needs a helping hand
Offer your assistance without demand


When you feel the grief in a loved one’s heart
Understand that your presence can help the loss part


When times are tough and you lose your way
Remember that your courage can save the day


A life that is easy simply doesn’t exist
But it can be wonderful if you simply persist!


When my children were younger and they were about to leave and go on a camp or excursion without me, I had to rely on other people to supervise them and make sure that they were safe. I wanted to arm them in some way, to protect their own welfare, and I would always suggest that they were welcome to do things that were difficult, but not dangerous.

Today, my adult son left for work in his car and tonight after work, he will drive to the country on his own and I was reminded of all those previous occasions when I reminded my children about being willing to do something difficult, but not dangerous. That changed today, because I had to say ‘be careful’ instead as he is unsupervised now.

However, this concept of doing the ‘difficult’ things in life persists.

So often, it would be so tempting to do the ‘easy’ things rather than the ‘difficult’ things.

But I have found that every time I have persisted with the ‘difficult,’ and I have chosen ‘courage’ over ‘comfort,’ I have received amazing rewards.

So likewise, I encourage you to be willing to do the ‘difficult’ thing sometimes, but for your own safety, please don’t do the dangerous!

With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo taken from Memorial Tower Kangaroo Ground Victoria Australia on 10 January 2017

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