Dignity Poem

Dignity Poem By Sue Ellson - Bush at Clifton Springs Victoria

Dignity Poem

By Sue Ellson


Here in the moment
I make a choice
To live with dignity
I choose my voice


I select what I say
I muse with care
I focus on truth
I do what’s fair


I hear laments
I listen and learn
I know my boundaries
I can discern


When to respond
How to react
Why I wince
But keep my pact


It may not be easy
To live with dignity
To honour each person
And still truly be me


But with understanding
Trust and empathy
I’ll find my flow
On the tide of dignity



I have a friend who has mentioned to me several times that I behave with dignity. I try to always consider the other people I am around and how my words or actions may be interpreted or perceived and I can hand on heart say, it is never my intention to cause any form of distress to anyone, in any situation, even if I am angry.

On the flip side, it has consequences. There have been times when I have winced with the words and deeds of some people.

In those moments, I have often been silent and most of the time, I have said to myself that I need to accept the person as they are and understand where they are coming from.

However, the gradual accumulation of the ‘crossed boundaries’ and the ‘silenced voice’ has finally reached a breaking point.

It has led to a slow unravelling of my peace and approximately a month of lethargy as I try to process what I have ‘allowed’ to happen in the past.

When I attended a yoga retreat last month, I caught a glimpse of what it would be like to ‘truly be me’ – which is what I often profess in my poems.

But I am now realising, ‘dignity’ is one thing. ‘Continuous allowances’ is another.

“If you have to sacrifice your voice “to keep the peace” it’s no longer peaceful. You’re internalizing the chaos instead.”

Zara Bas

I suspect that the journey from dignity to clarity will take some time. However, I am finally more aware of what is happening and I will learn how to respond respectfully in a way that feels right for me. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of a bush along a short path near the Clifton Springs boat ramp in Victoria, Australia on 13 January 2024

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