Faith Poem

Faith Poem By Sue Ellson

Faith Poem

By Sue Ellson


An inside belief
Of something bigger than me
A hope, a dream
Of potentiality


A nurturing
A care
For my tender heart
That’s been hurt
And torn
Even broken apart


Faith ever present
Silent but sound
Faith ever lasting
Close and all around


In my shadow hours
The dread tries to seep through
But when I wake
And open my eyes
Faith knows what to do


It holds my hand
It hears my voice
It sees my truth
It feels my choice


In faith I trust
In faith I rise
In faith I find
My own blue sky


I pause
I ponder
I peruse
With clarity
I choose
I champion
Faith’s practicality


It doesn’t judge
It doesn’t cringe
It seeks to affirm
Life on the fringe


So as I wait impatiently
Faith reminds me
To believe in possibility


Over the weekend, there have been people protesting in my city. Whilst I respect everyone’s right to protest, I do not like seeing any situation escalate to this level. I understand the frustration that we all face after so many days in lockdown, away from our family, our friends and our colleagues from all walks of life. The disruption to our everyday life has been enormous. It isn’t easy. Policy-makers, health care workers and essential services personnel are under intense pressure and they must surely shake their heads when they put themselves in the front-line of criticism when their overall objective is to keep the majority of us safe and well.

What has got me through the last two years is an overriding sense of faith, that something much bigger and greater than me can keep us all going. If I only considered my own life at this time, I could quickly descend into a deep and dark despair. But I choose to believe in possibility and believe that the best is yet to come. When the worst of this crisis has passed, I truly hope that we will be able to reflect on our strength, our stamina and our perseverence and be even more present and mindful about every joy we experience in life. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of some green bushes I photographed on Maling Road in Canterbury, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 20 August 2021.

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