Final Straw Poem

Final Straw Poem By Sue Ellson Green Succulent Plant in Surrey Hills on 8 July 2023

Final Straw Poem

By Sue Ellson

How many times
Do we hope for more
To find a way
To settle the score


How many times
Do we accept less than we deserve
And compromise our principles
To avoid breaking serve


But what do we gain
By avoiding the inevitable
A heart broken so many times
That we feel incurable


When will we reach
The final straw
What will it take
To cease our own war


When the pain increases
To maximum intensity
The dam wall breaks
To try and end our misery


As the chaos explodes
In feelings intolerable
At last we have a chance
To acknowledge we are lovable


For if we don’t protect ourselves
The difficulties will increase
If we don’t face our greatest fears
We prevent a chance for release


So watch for the moment
That you really must see
For therein lies the secret
Of how to truly be


I know I am not alone, especially when I look back over some of my past poems, of hoping for something different to happen when I know it won’t.

I have been very patient over the years, keeping myself in a delusional state, hoping that various situations in my life would change to how I would like them to turn out.

Personally, I don’t ever want to make someone else do something for my benefit and not theirs, so I have gone through each battle until I reach the ‘final straw’ and I finally let go.

But how sweet would it be if I could see that point of no return sooner? If I could learn to accept the situation early on and not cling to false hope? In so many areas of my life, I am pragmatic, decisive and clear about what is in alignment with my values, ethics and integrity.

However, on three major occasions, a person has managed to bypass my authentic decision-making and I have chosen to persist when I should have let go.

I didn’t learn my lesson.

I can say that on this third occasion, it didn’t take as long to reach the final straw.

But I am still disappointed that I have found myself here again.

I suspect we all have these major and minor transgressions and that I am not alone.

But my hope is that in future, I will see the first few straws before reaching the final straw that could ‘break the camel’s back.’ With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of green succulent plants covered in rain in Bona Vista Avenue, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on Saturday 8 July 2023.

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