Getting Maximum Value From LinkedIn For Business Essentials

Getting Maximum Value From LinkedIn For Business Essentials

By Sue Ellson

Date: 1 February 2015
Organisation: Business Essentials Media Production (now Sound Cartel)
Session: Audio Recording 00:09:13
Venue: Business Essentials Suite 106 / 12 Cato Street, Hawthorn East, Victoria, Australia 3123
Invitation from: Heather Dawson
Interviewer: Heather Dawson
Topic: “Getting Maximum Value From LinkedIn”
Details Online:

Getting maximum value from LinkedIn
Running Time: 9:13
Date: 01/02/2015

Is LinkedIn really worth the effort? Here’s what you need to know.

Sue Ellson knows all about LinkedIn. She’s one of the earliest members, has watched it grow and change, and has seen her own business thrive as a result of making it work in her favour. Sue has clear strategies around how we can make LinkedIn work for us too, but we need to understand what’s involved in time and effort if we want to reap the greatest rewards.

Message from Business Essentials

Sue Ellson was recently interviewed by Business Essentials Media Production for their February 2015 audio CD. Her interview titled “Getting maximum value from LinkedIn”, is Track 5.

Business Essentials Media Production produces a CD every month for thousands of members, with interviews designed to provide fresh ideas, advice and inspiration to help businesses grow. Most people listen in the car, on their way to and from work.

Each interview is self-contained so you can pick the ones that interest you most. The team of Business Essentials Media Production journalists interview real business people who reveal their keys to success. The wide range of topics covered is presented in an easy-to-listen-to format, with practical advice you can implement immediately in your own business.

Business Essentials Media Production has kindly offered a $100 discount off the regular annual membership price if you mention Sue Ellson when you subscribe to the Business Essentials Audio Program at

Audio Recording: 

Download the 4.3MB .M4A file lasting 0:09:13 recording of Sue Ellson and Heather Dawson’s presentation at



Hi Sue,

I just wanted to congratulate you on a terrific segment regarding Linked In on Business Essentials.


Regina McInnes
Director, Licensed Estate Agent
McInnes Property Management

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