Go Digi National Awards Highly Commended In The Mentor Category

Go Digi National Awards Highly Commended In The Mentor Category

By Sue Ellson

Award: Highly Commended in the Mentor Category
Awarded to:
Sue Ellson
1 December 2016
Announced: At the Geelong Art Gallery as part of the Pivot Summit
Issuer: Go Digi
Description: Awarded to people who have committed to supporting others in the use of digital skills and improving their online confidence in 2016
Nomination details: Self nomination
Application details: Go Digi National Awards Mentor Category Sue Ellson Award Submission 362KB PDF below


The Go Digi Project is designed to help Australians realise their online potential.

Although we live in a digital age, many Australians are being left behind and don’t have the skills to make the most of being connected. 1 in 5 Australian adults are not online [Campbell, S, Mason, C. Griffith, C. et al. Broadband Impact and Challenges: realising the benefits from the digital economy Australian Centre for Broadband Innovation, CSIRO EP1312215]

To help change this, Infoxchange and Australia Post have joined together to create Go Digi. ​

Go Digi is a national four year digital literacy program with the goal of supporting more than 300,000 Australians to improve their digital skills and digital literacy.

They are working with communities around Australia, with a focus on the following audiences:

  • Ageing community members
  • Regional and remote communities
  • CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities
  • Indigenous communities
  • Small businesses

The success of the National Year of Digital Inclusion has been thanks to the fantastic people and organisations who have committed to making sure more Australians get comfortable with technology. Over 350 organisations have run over 2,000 face-to-face digital learning activities ranging from events such as Appy Hour at the pub, to tech and tea for seniors and cyber safety workshops. Over 100,000 people were engaged with the initiative and more than 15 million people were reached via the media.

The 2016 National Year of Digital Inclusion (NYDI) Awards is an integral component of the Go Digi initiative.

The 2016 National Year of Digital Inclusion Awards includes three categories:
> Learners Award
> Mentors Award
> Network Partner Award

The NYDI Awards were announced at the Geelong Art Gallery on 1 December 2016 as part of the Pivot Summit. Network Partners, Mentors, Learners and Champions were recognised and acknowledged publicly for their outstanding contribution.

Mentor Awards

Winner: Kingston High School Big Picture Students

The Kingston High School students have been mentors to predominantly aged learners in Kingston LINC digital classes during 2016. Using a hands on approach they have shown learners one to one digital skills and answered queries they have during classes. They have shown the learners that you can’t break the technology, that it is ok to make mistakes and that the newer technologies can be fun.

Highly Commended:

Thanks to Australia Post and Infoxchange for sponsoring this initiative and congratulations to all winners and entrants (over 350 applications were received)!

Special thanks to all organisers, ambassadors and champions of this great initiative. Here’s to more digital and social inclusion in the future!

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Go Digi NYDI Awards Announcement

Facebook video of Sue Ellson receiving Highly Commended Award in the Mentor Category

Details of Sue Ellson’s application to the NYDI Awards

Who has the mentor helped to learn digital skills in 2016?

New arrivals to Australia, students, senior executives, business owners, job searchers, people in career transition, people returning to work, clients, the public.

How has the mentor helped them to learn these digital skills?

Provided free information and training sessions as part of the Victorian Government’s Small Business Festival (3 sold out sessions), Reinvent Your Career Expo (2 sessions), SpotJobs Career Expo (5 sessions), university and school events (in Melbourne and Adelaide), library (Adelaide), conferences (had to pay to attend and present), 2 councils, multiple networking groups, 6 Rotary clubs, 2 Meetup Groups and more. Most of these have been audio recorded and slides and videos re-published for free access online. Total of 78 sessions for 2016 (44 provided free).

Published ‘120 Ways To Achieve Your Purpose With LinkedIn’ (February 2016), ‘120 Ways To Attract The Right Career Or Business’ (May 2016) and ‘120 Ways To Market Your Business Hyper Locally’ (August 2016) – all books include digital and social media information. Provided many free copies in print and digital to professionals and guests at events.

Published multiple free to access articles, audio recordings and videos (https://sueellson.com/publications and https://sueellson.com/presentations/presentations-2016for details).

Have also taught these skills at the Centre for Adult EducationGeneral Assembly and with clients and been interviewed on radio about digital literacy https://sueellson.com/presentations/presentations-2015/150903-radio-national-621am-natasha-mitchell-digital-literacy/.

First article about Digital Literacy went online in 2012 at https://www.openforum.com.au/content/digital-literacy-training-nbn-complete more recently about Digital Disruption at https://cdaa.org.au/common/Uploaded%20files/MemberResources/ACP/2016/Winter%202016.pdf

How did the mentor help someone else to overcome any barriers to learning digital skills?

In training sessions – by using simple language attached to already learned information, by using diagrams, relatable and relevant stories, case studies and practical applications. Mostly republished and freely accessible for repeat viewing and distribution online.

In written articles – by using simple English and logical steps assuming no prior knowledge and no personal assistance when reading and completing suggestions. Regularly receive ‘Likes, Comments and Shares.’

In person – by listening carefully, asking questions before starting and repeating information as needed. Wherever possible, have also recorded (or allowed the individual to record) the session for replay purposes. Always focus on what needs to be known rather than what could be known and providing the best information for the person’s personal circumstances or the group’s purpose.

What digital skills has the Mentor helped someone else to learn?

How to use LinkedIn (for multiple purposes for individuals and organisations), social media skills, using an iPhone, iPad, personal computers, creating a website, updating and maintaining a website, publishing content online, marketing a business online, writing articles online and sourcing the most relevant and affordable assistance with technology related queries. Often referred people to other pre-qualified and affordable and understanding experts.

What have been the positive outcomes of the mentor helping someone else to learn digital skills?

People have developed confidence in using devices (phones, tablets, computers – both PC and Mac), people have used social media, websites and online content to achieve their purpose (find work, increase brand or marketing profile, business leads, win an award for the fourth time) and have also shown others how to use technology at home and in their workplace. Senior managers have been able to more appropriately manage their own affairs and their business profile.

I regularly receive news from clients, event attendees and book readers about new jobs, new business, new opportunities and testimonials and reviews via email and online. ‘I attended Sue’s class on “linked in for startups” at General Assembly about 6 weeks ago. I immediately put her advice into action and within that time my network has grown by 670% and my profile views /90d have gone up by 1400%! I’m now being canvased for about 3-5 jobs per day, I have caught up with at least 20 new people I’ve met through LinkedIn…It’s incredible! I’ve become a networking machine and all thanks to Sue! I just wanted to pass that feedback on as Sue has had a profound impact on my career. Greg Saxton 3/8/2016

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