Happy New Year Poem

Happy New Year Poem By Sue Ellson

Happy New Year Poem

By Sue Ellson


Another year ends
Another year begins
Another year of dreams
Left floating in the wind


Another year of fears
Another year of love
Another year of triumphs
Which ones will you keep hold of


The small
The big
The ones so easily forgotten
The felt
The changed
The ones that left you certain


Where do you go from here
At this point where the year comes to an end
How do you decide what to do next
Can you be your own best friend


Take it easy for a moment
Don’t beat yourself so hard
Life can give you lemons
And catch you right off guard


Remember what counts for you
Remember your own steps forward
Remember what you’ve learnt
That is your own reward


Acknowledge what has made you wiser
Acknowledge the challenges overcome
Acknowledge your own values
Plan what you can become


Each day creates a new beginning
Each year lets you see where you’re winning
Each decade is a transition
But each moment is where you can start shining


Today is the last day of the year for 2021 – the 31st of December 2021. Yesterday I wrote this poem, thinking about what I can or could reflect on. I realised that the choice was largely dependent on my mood at the time of the reflection. If I was feeling optimistic, I would look at the good. If I was feeling pessimistic, I would be looking at the bad. But it got me thinking. What if I thought about some of the minor triumphs? What if I considered the items that were small to other people but huge to me? Would I look back with renewed strength and hope? Could I see a brighter way forward rather than banish all of my thoughts and try and start all over again?

Whatever you decide to do around the change of a year, a day or even a minute, I hope you can see more than one view and allow the light and joy to reach you. For even in the darkest moments, we can still shine. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of a yellow flower seen near the Thomson River just before Walhalla in Victoria on 28 December 2021.

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