Hope Poem

Hope Poem By Sue Ellson

Hope Poem

By Sue Ellson


On the journey of life
We have hopes and dreams
And every so often
It falls apart at the seams


We pick ourselves up
And carry on
With help from our friends
We right what was wrong


On some dark days
We ask ourselves why
Especially if we have the courage
To give new things a try


Some things work out
Some things just don’t
To live our best life
We live beyond won’t


If we don’t explore the possibilities
We could linger in hostilities
What is the point of fighting
When we could be out there striving


To heal
To let go
To release
To let flow
To soften
To nourish
To strengthen
To flourish


We may feel loss
We may feel sad
But in the end
Life’s not all bad


For as long as I’m here
I will rise again
For as long as I’m here
I can conquer the pain


I have hope
I have love
Heaven is here
And up above


Fear can fly
Loss can sigh
For I’m not done yet
Hope is alive


2020 has seen us face so many endings. We have lost so much of what is familiar to us and if we have found new alternatives, some of those have faded over time too. Picking ourselves up and living in hope feels a little more treacherous without our normal supports.

I for one miss the in-person companionship of my closest friends and the ability to see my family interstate and overseas. Last week I realised that I needed some additional support and I reached out to my neighbour (albeit digitally) and with his help, I received the guidance and care I really needed and didn’t know how much I would need just a few days later.

Whilst we must all keep our own levels of hope alive, I encourage you, if you need some extra care and support, to reach out, because hope is always alive. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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