Mothers Poem

Mothers Poem By Sue Ellson

Mothers Poem

By Sue Ellson


To be a mother
Is a sacred blessing
It creates a bond
Of eternal guessing


When to do this
And when to do that
It would have been easier
To adopt a cat


But with courage and conviction
A mother carries on
Even if we tell her
She is often wrong


She may not always
Know what is best
But her heart is there
For every test


As her child
I underestimate her capacity
As her child
I admire her tenacity


For in her eyes
I have seen her tears
And in her embrace
She has quelled my fears


I owe my existence
To my beloved mother
Forever in her debt
We are a part of each other


Then one day when one of us
Doesn’t see the sun rise
The other will carry on
Regardless of how fast time flies


Our memories within
Our heart and mind
Will keep that bond
Of humankind


We will respond with humility
As we reflect on her commitment
So often shared
But still consistent


For so much is unseen
And hidden deep within
A mother’s love
Goes beyond any horizon


As her child
We must honour her sacrifice
She put us first
And got the last slice


So cherish her we must
For the good and the bad
I had my moments too
I don’t want her to be sad


But I can promise her this
I can make her proud
By finding my own happiness
And saying out loud


Thank you Mum
For all that you’ve done
You are so much more
Than just a Mum


I recently wrote a poem for Father’s Day and as I am fortunate to still have both of my parents here on earth and I couldn’t wait until Mother’s Day in May next year to share my thoughts about mothers.

This poem is a little longer than the father’s one, because I am a mother and I feel I have a greater understanding of what it is like to be a mother rather than a father. I hope this poem encourages you to think about your mother and the gifts she has given you – the ultimate one being life itself.

I am also aware that for some people, the word ‘mother’ has additional associations – particularly for those who were adopted, are unable to have children or who have lost children or their mother at a young age. My deepest sympathies if you are suffering in any way. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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