Internal Wisdom Poem

Internal Wisdom Poem By Sue Ellson View from Mount Hotham Victoria Australia

Internal Wisdom Poem

By Sue Ellson


How often do we ignore
The whisper in our ear
The one that quietly tells the truth
The voice of wisdom not of fear


How often do we ignore
Those words of gentle warning
Why does our conscious mind
Override our own understanding


We know we should listen
We know what we need to do
Why don’t we react
Why don’t we hear
Our internal guide
Holds us so dear


Because we live in hope
Of dreams and fantasies
Of moments we imagine
But then our world
Comes crashing down
And once again, we feel broken


But then the voice of wisdom
Reminds us of what we were told
And rather than accuse us
Creates an embracing hold


To help us remember
We are our own best friend
To help us carry on
To get ready to start again


And here’s hoping that next time
When I hear that whisper in my ear
I will trust myself, pause and listen
And act upon, my internal wisdom


As we go through life, we are encouraged to ‘trust our gut’ and yet we are also encouraged to ‘get outside our comfort zone’ to achieve what we want. What happens then, when we hear our ‘gut’ or our inner voice tell us something we don’t really want to hear?

When I think about the times I have listened, I have saved myself from some pretty tricky situations. But then on other occasions, I hope for something more and go out on a limb and often find, usually within a week, that I really should have listened.

It is as if I have a reset button, there to remind me to trust myself and my internal wisdom. It sees what my conscious mind cannot see.

Thankfully, when I make the realisation, I am reminded of my own wisdom and in writing this poem, I hope it inspires you to listen to your internal wisdom too. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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Photo of view from Mount Hotham Victoria Australia on 13 March 2020

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