Is Any Job Better Than No Job?

Is Any Job Better Than No Job?

By Sue Ellson

This question was posted by Liz Ryan on LinkedIn at

For some unknown reason, my response would not go through, so here is my answer…

I am based in Australia and our population is a lot less than many other countries and I provide a lot of tips for people looking for work. Here are some thoughts…

1) Change your strategy – if what you have been doing hasn’t worked, then it is time to enlist some extra support and some new tactics – is your LinkedIn profile superb? Have you tried some voluntary work? Have you contacted every business in your local area? Have you tried a pre-approach letter?

2) Aim for something that will help you towards your end goal. If you are going for a ‘lesser’ role, make sure it is either in the same industry or profession. So perhaps a bookkeeping role in an accounting practice rather than a cleaning role.

3) Be persistent. When my son was 13, he got a job without a resume and he was under age and legally, not ‘allowed’ to work. He secured several job opportunities by ringing people until someone said yes.

4) Source a mentor to assist you. Then you can work on the basis of referral rather than direct contact.

5) Do more research on each individual prospective employer, then ring for ‘information’ before applying for a role. This warms them up before you submit your application.

If you would like me to review your LinkedIn profile with some extra tips, contact me directly.

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