Light Poem

Light Poem By Sue Ellson

Light Poem

By Sue Ellson


The universe is light
And our creator is too
When do you draw the curtains
And block the light on you?


When do you forget to smile
And tell yourself inside
That something cannot be overcome
And let the dark reside?


When do you react in fear
And miss the hidden truth
That you are lovable and worthy
Despite anything from your youth?


When do you think of the past
And lament something you have lost
When you could be mindful right now
And find joy without a cost?


The future is tomorrow
When the sun doth rise again
But in your heart and mind
The light shines on and on


So take a pause right now
And gently take a breath in
Then close your eyes and breathe out
To witness the light within


From 9-11 April 2021, I completed the Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Practitioner course with the lovely Jenner Miller from ThetaFreedom®. I learnt a lot about myself and others and acquired some new skills that I can use in the future (with a lot more practice first I might add!). We discussed the concept of light and how it is everywhere and how darkness is a cover for light. So rather than living in the ‘dark’ of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings, we can live a much more positive life by focusing on the light. A simple smile can change our mood, whether we are smiling for a reason or for no reason. Regardless of what happened in our youth, we are all lovable and worthy. We are all a light in this magical world and I trust you can shine your light wherever you are and however you choose to be. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

P.S. This poem will be part of a future book I am writing called, ‘Poems for me to truly be.’

Photo of sunset at Cape Woolamai Beach on Phillip Island, Victoria 27 March 2021

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