LinkedIn Deconstructed for Student Members For The Australian Human Resources Institute AHRI

LinkedIn Deconstructed for Student Members For The Australian Human Resources Institute AHRI

By Sue Ellson

Date: Wednesday 16 September 2015 1:15pm – 2:30pm
Organisation: Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
Session: Webinar
Venue: Online
Invitation from: Sarah Hemingway
Introduction: Sarah Hemingway
Topic: “LinkedIn Deconstructed for AHRI Student Members”
PowerPoint Slides: 

Audio Recording: Download the 125MB .m4a file lasting 01:16:08 audio recording of Sue Ellson’s presentation here

That was a really great presentation.
Sarah Hemingway

Hello Sue
Thank you very much for facilitating the LinkedIn webinar today. It was very informative and will certainly help me in improving my LinkedIn profile. It was also the very first AHRI course/webinar I have participated in and I will be highly recommending them to my friends at Uni.
I wish you well in your future presentations.
Kind Regards
Ann-Marie Reid

Hi Sue,
Thank you for going through and providing me with valuable feedback and tips to improve my profile.
Kind Regards,
Adam King

Hi Sue,
Thank you for an extremely enlightening webinar this morning.
Sifelani Ncube

Hi Sue
Thank you so much. You have really shown me some wonderful tricks.
Kind Regards
Munna Abdullahi

Hi Sue,
Thank you for a very interesting and informative presentation,
Kim Ball

Dear Sue,
I learned a lot about re-polishing my LinkedIn profile. Thank you very much for the lessons learnt 🙂
Thank you.
Best regards,
Diah Yoshida 

Hi Sue,
Thank you for taking the time to take us today with regard to LinkedIn. I found it very valuable.
Kind Regards
Katherine McDonald

Hi Sue,
Many thanks for your time this afternoon. I really enjoyed your webinar.
While I am currently studying, I do work full time and your tips will be keeping me busy over the next few days as I update my profile with your recommendations.
I look forward to connecting with you on LinkedIn and reading any future hints and tips you may have.
Many thanks,
Sally Wawn

That was an excellent presentation thank you.
I really enjoyed your practical tips on using LinkedIn and your extensive knowledge and background.
Andrew Schmidt

Hi Sue,
Thank you for the webinar I found it very illuminating.
Kind regards,
Max Brodie

Dear Sue,
Thank you for a very informative webinar this afternoon.
Thank you and regards
Andrew Carruthers

Bula and Hello from Fiji Islands Sue!
Would like to thank you for hosting today’s webinar. Gave me a clear idea on how to set up and improve my student profile.
Thank you very much.
Kind Regards
Zeebran Ariff

Thank you for a great session on LinkedIn.
Wina Zhu

Hi Sue, thank you for the insightful and knowledgeable webinar presented through AHRI. I found your advice very helpful and am trying to diligently follow your every word.
Allison Wicks

Good Afternoon Sue,I thoroughly enjoyed the webinar yesterday, and hopefully am finally getting my LinkedIn profile correct. I have been able to get my profile up to expert, so I hope that it is enough! I will keep reading the slides and rereading them to adjust my profile as necessary.Thank you again!
Lisa Healy

Hi Sue, I attended your Webinar yesterday in relation to LinkedIn. Thanks very much – I found it very useful! I am only in my first year of Bachelor of Business (HR) Degree, but will consider making a LinkedIn account further down the track. Kind regards,
Samantha Klotz

Good morning Sue, I attended your LinkedIn Deconstructed Webinar on Wednesday. My feedback for the Webinar is that I was absolutely fantastic I learnt so much that I must now implement. Only 6 months ago did our company have a LinkedIn representative attend a company conference who did not go even close to the information you supplied. My LinkedIn profile is so understated and bland, which I learnt a lot with the thanks in part to Adam allowing you to make modifications and you showing tips and suggesting alternatives. Many thanks
Leah McRae

Hi Sue,I attended the AHRI Webinar you hosted yesterday. The information I gained from this webinar was extremely useful and I will definitely use your tips during my job search. One of the most useful tips you suggested, was to manipulate linkedin’s algorithms by using as many relevant keywords in the headline as possible. Overall I had a fantastic experience, however I suggest increasing the length of the webinar and including more profile examples (e.g. previous profiles you have helped create and the result it achieved). I look forward to attending more of your webinars in future! Regards
Maheshie Senadhira

Hi Sue, I attended your Webinar on ‘Linked In Deconstructed’ today and found it really helpful. Would like to connect with you.
Upneet Dugal

Hi Sue, Thanks for delivering the Webinar today. Your tips and insights were very useful, and I’ve started updating my LinkedIn profile already. Unfortunately, I had to leave and missed the end of the lecture. I would really appreciate it if you could send through the slides and any other materials related to the webinar. Thanks again
Larissa Ho

Hi there Sue, I have just finished watching your LinkedIn webinar for AHRI, as I was watching I was following along and editing my profile and checking out new organisations and companies. It was extremely infomative and easy to follow, although I did find myself drowning in the content LinkedIn has! Kind Regards,
Rachael Arnold

Hi Sue, I just had the opportunity to watch the webinar and it was very informative. Thank you for all your tips and tricks for maximizing my LinkedIn Profile. Thank you. Kind Regards,
Nicola Scott

Hi Sue, I have just finished watching the AHRI Webinar on deconstructing LinkedIn I found it extremely helpful and insightful! Having not yet finished any qualifications, I have found it difficult to bulk up my profile and showcase my studies, but hopefully with your advice from the webinar I can now add some more content. Thanks again! Kind regards,
Gabrielle Matthey

Hi Sue, I found the Webinar very helpful as I am new to LinkedIn and have been working on getting a fuller profile. I found your little tips on things such as putting a space in your email and turning off notifications helpful and am currently updating my education to include all my courses, as before this Webinar I was unsure if that was too much information and would be a turn off to potential employers. My recommendations would be to perhaps talk in a bit more detail about the different sections to fill in and what content should go in them, such as you did with where to put your AHRI membership details as I am still unsure on a few things about where they belong.
Kelly Stihec

Dear Sue, I hope this email finds you well. First of all, thank you for sharing with us your experience and knowledge. It was a very insightful session! All the best,
Carlos Murillo Vendries

Hi Sue, thank you for the insightful and knowledgeable webinar presented through AHRI. I found your advice very helpful and am trying to diligently follow your every word. I am currently undertaking an MBA.
Allison Wicks

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