LinkedIn Events Facts And Strategy

LinkedIn Events Facts And Strategy By Sue Ellson

By Sue Ellson

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This article provides details of some of the features and benefits of adding events to LinkedIn. I host monthly LinkedIn webinars using this strategy.

LinkedIn Events Facts

1. You don’t need to have a Company Page to create a LinkedIn event

2. If you provide a website link to your Privacy Policy, you can collect registration details from your guests

3. You can only post once in the event and registrants will not be notified as there is only one announcement when you create the event (to prevent spam)

4. When you register to attend an event it can appear on your LinkedIn Profile and promote your event to people who visit the guest’s LinkedIn profile

5. You can create a Poll in the event

6. Attendee Registration information expires 365 days after submission

7. You can invite more than 50 people at a time but the total number of invites you have remaining is no longer visible (last known number 1,000 invites)

8. You can create a Public or a Private event

9. You can Create an event from your Newsfeed (orange calendar icon) or from your Company Page Admin Menu

10. When you invite a Connection to attend, it appears in the My Network notifications (but you cannot include a message) – some people have turned this function off so that they do not receive any event invitations

LinkedIn Events Strategy

1. Ask people you know to invite Connections in certain industries aligned with the event

2. Download the event registration details and make sure you email an event confirmation and an event reminder before the event

3. Consider inviting the people who register to Connect with you and Follow you and/or your Company Page

4. Make sure you add a Post to the Event once a week until the event date and remind people to Follow you and/or your Company on social media

5. Don’t rely just on the industry classifications for finding Connections to invite. Look for keywords in your LinkedIn Connections and invite them by name

6. Encourage people who have registered to go through the list of attendees and network before the event

7. Ensure that you are Connected to all Speakers and you have them added to the Event Description

8. Consider creating a Poll before the event to generate ideas on what the audience is most interested in learning from the event

9. After the event, add a Post asking for feedback with only three questions 1. What has been most helpful? 2. What else would have been helpful? 3. What will you do next?

10. Compare your number of attendees with your number of event visits – if the percentage is low, reconsider how you word future events and who you invite to ensure your events are designed for people who are genuinely interested in the content

LinkedIn has created some specific LinkedIn Events Terms at

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First Published: 28 September 2021

Last Update: 9 August 2022

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