LinkedIn For Authors

LinkedIn for Authors Free LinkedIn Webinar with Sue Ellson

LinkedIn for Authors

By Sue Ellson

This event was designed for Authors who would like to learn more about how they can use LinkedIn and is the ninth event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar and Online Event Series.

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The LinkedIn Event Video Recording

YouTube link

The LinkedIn Event PowerPoint Slides

The LinkedIn Event Page for Networking

You may also like to visit the event on LinkedIn as for the next 12 months, you will be able to see the 125 people who registered to attend and network away to your heart’s content!

Selected Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

This is fabulous thanks
Woo Hoo Sue. Love your work. Sam xx
Biggest complaint I hear is people getting invites to connect without any message. Write those messages!
You are very generous with your content and very thorough, Sue. I’m wondering if anyone here is interested in buddying up for a short-term period while implementing these strategies. i.e for accountability
Great content Sue !!
Thanks Sue
Very thorough. Really insightful and practically useful. Thank you.
Thanks Sue
Interesting and fun session, thanks Sue!
Fabulous Sue – fabulous content!
Onya Sue. Smack-on stuff.
Thank you, Sue, I appreciated this. I have to leave to attend to family but I look forward to going through the slides and implementing your recommendations.
I did some of your LinkedIn on Creatives recommendations, and will now do a bunch more from this program, thanks again.
Google review done : ) Thank you so much for today!!
Thank you, Sue. Much appreciated.
Thank you

Comments after the Webinar

Hi Sue, so lovely to see you today and very impressed with your continuing growth in LinkedIn expertise.
Well done. Loved this morning webinar. I’m on day 6 of Covid and brain is at 66.245% give or take…LOL I will definitely be listening to the content once I get to 100% and getting into action to publish my books. . Thanx my friend. You’re the best.
Thanks again for your webinars.
Due to the time difference, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it to your event but I’m so grateful to have received the replay. Thank you so much!

Reviews after the Webinar

Sue’s webinars are no nonsense, guts and gizzards, extraordinary events that actually deliver far more than anticipated. Good usable info, no BS and they are genuine learning experiences. I have been in her audience for two of them and no doubt will be professionally involved in future. Apart from true expertise in LinkedIn, she has swags of business moxie and shares valuable insights and advice. One ‘out of the box’. Trevor Trigg

Thanks Sue for sharing your knowledge in your LinkedIn talk today on Authors. Loved every minute of it & you were so generous with your time. Sarah Martin

Today I had both the honour and pleasure of attending Sue’s webinar LinkedIn for Authors. So many things to like – slides arrived before the event which started on time; was delivered clearly and at a great pace. Sue’s generosity of information sharing is fantastic, relevant and totally current. I have known Sue Ellson professionally for many many years and can verify the longevity of her experience with LinkedIn. Her expertise is clear and I would totally recommend her services. Michelle Scheibner

Sue’s LinkedIn for Creatives and LinkedIn for Authors were both value packed LinkedIn webinars. Ken Brandt

Sue is generous, knowledgeable and thorough. I’ve attended several of her trainings over the years and she always delivers value. Liliane Grace

Attended the free ‘LinkedIn for authors webinar by Sue Ellson on the 8th of June. Sue is an engaging speaker who made us all feel welcome whatever our level of experience. Sue provided targeted information on maximising the impact of your LinkedIn page for authors. And the great thing is that most of it was relevant to any LinkedIn user wanting to increase their profile. It was a truely engaging presentation with the slides having many links to other resources and both the recording and slides available to all attendees. I highly recommend Sue as a LinkedIn specialist whose enthusiastic ‘can do’ style and knowledgeable content will help you to fire up and become more engaged with LinkedIn. Jeremy O’Leary

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