LinkedIn For Business on Tell Us A Story Podcast

Tell Us A Story With Linda Coles

Title: LinkedIn For Business

Podcast Name: Tell Us A Story Podcast

Episode Number: 3

Date: 18 July 2017

Podcast Interviewer: Linda Coles

Duration: 00:31:39

Where Podcast Based: New Zealand

Website: Blue Banana

Topics Discussed:

Tell us about your business, what is it you do? When did you first start with social media and which platform was it?

Has that changed much to what you use present day? Can you share a specific success story of yours? What happened? The journey and the outcome. There maybe another example you can include.

What tools do you use if any? I.e. Hootsuite for scheduling.

Tell us about your strategy, is it a written down one or off the cuff? Should all businesses be using social?

What are your top three tips separately? Explain each one fully with examples where possible.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received about marketing digitally that you’d like to pass on?

Where can people learn more about what you do if they wish to look you up?

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