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Title: LinkedIn for Business Success

Podcast Name: Talking Better Business New Zealand Podcast

Episode: 32

Date: 4 October 2017

Podcast Interviewer: Craig Oliver

Duration: 00:57:16

Where Podcast Based: New Zealand


Topics Discussed:
Today I talk to Sue Ellson who is an Independent LinkedIn Specialist. As the title would suggest Sue lives and breaths LinkedIn. We discuss the importance of LinkedIn to connect with partners, suppliers and clients. Sue also explains how to do this. She discusses the enormous benefit LinkedIn has on Google Searches. We talk about the sort of content to post and how often. We also touch on how to set up your LinkedIn profile so that it is optimized so you can be found. Lots and lots of tips and tricks in this fireside chat.

Today we’re joined by LinkedIn specialist, Sue Ellson who tells us how finding the right social media platform to brand and promote your business can literally put you at the top of your game in Google’s engine search.

“Imagine if you and your staff had a LinkedIn profile and liked, commented on and shared your company page … most people know at least 250 other people … things can go viral!”

Sue Ellson, LinkedIn Specialist

The power of utilising a digital platform such as LinkedIn to contact and engage your clients is worth gold when it comes to optimising your Google ranking and increasing the size of your business’ digital footprint. Learning the value in keeping the Google algorithm happy helps your clients find you easily – and gives them the best possible online experience.

LinkedIn guru, Sue explains how it’s done. The aim is to make your business pop up on Google within the first three search results. Can small businesses expect to achieve this massive leap? Find out, by listening to this podcast!

If you have questions on how to ‘make Google your friend’ to optimize your Google ranking, get the answers in this interview where you’ll find out:

  • how to create a LinkedIn profile that really works
  • how to keep your company profile active and relevant
  • the importance of controlling the content you post
  • what ‘world of mouth’ advertising means
  • how regular sharing of valuable and relevant content using well-chosen key words can turn your followers into brand advocates.

Things that I found worthy from this interview with Sue were topics like how having a presence on LinkedIn as part of your digital marketing can:

  • revolutionise your company by creating online longevity
  • build your database
  • recruit the right people for the job
  • advertise your product
  • tell the world you are an expert in your field.

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