LinkedIn For Schools, Colleges And Universities

LinkedIn for Schools, Colleges and Universities By Sue Ellson

As an Independent LinkedIn Specialist, I have been very fortunate to have provided LinkedIn Training, Support and Advice to many different schools, colleges and universities across Australia and around the world!

School, College and University Articles

I have published several specific articles on LinkedIn that have proven to be very popular including:

Zoe Giagoudakis (secondary school student sample)

LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates (students and future graduates)

LinkedIn for Early Career Work or your First Job or Business (students and graduates)

LinkedIn for Academics, Professors, Lecturers, School Teachers (teachers and staff to set an example)

LinkedIn Page Strategies for Schools, Colleges and Universities (advancement staff and communications team)

LinkedIn Marketing for Schools, Colleges and Universities (marketing)

How to find School, College and University Students, Staff and Alumni (alumni)

LinkedIn for existing and prospective school parents and caregivers (community development)

Work Specific Articles

How to choose your next job or career

Tough love for unemployed job seekers under 30 years of age

How to help someone with their career when they won’t listen to your advice

Networking – Free and Paid Online and Offline – What really works?

How to find a job or work using LinkedIn

What to do for your career whilst you are at home

What to do for your business whilst you are at home

Tips for finding remote work or working from home jobs

The problem with saying ‘just get a job’​

Career Specific LinkedIn Articles

LinkedIn for Authors, Writers, Playwrights, Script & Screen Writers, Ghost Writers, Literary Agents, Publishers and Distributors

LinkedIn for Tradespeople (Tradies) – Electricians, Plumbers, Carpenters etc

LinkedIn for Academics, Professors, Adjuncts, Lecturers, Instructors, School Teachers, Educators, Tutors, Researchers, Deans and Vice Chancellors

LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates

LinkedIn for Journalists

Past Presentations on School, College or University topics

LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates (includes slides and video recording)
1 session x 1 hour 1pm – 2pm
By Sue Ellson

LinkedIn for Education Professionals (includes slides and video recording)
1 session x 1 hour 1pm – 2pm
By Sue Ellson

10 Secrets To Maximising Your Social Media Platforms (includes slides and recording)
1 session x 2 hours 12pm – 2pm
Organised by Catholic Schools Guide

Locating and Engaging With Alumni for Schools, Colleges and Universities (includes slides and recording)
1 session x 1 hour 12pm – 1pm
Organised by Spectrum Analysis Australia

LinkedIn Tips And Tricks For First Year University Students In O-Week (includes slides and recording)
1 session x 1 hour 11:00am – 12:00pm
Organised by Swinburne Student Union (SSU) for Swinburne University of Technology 


Listed with the most recent at the top from the Sue Ellson YouTube Channel.

LinkedIn for Education Professionals

LinkedIn for Students and Future Graduates

Educate Plus LinkedIn for You and Your School or University

Monash Business School Alumni LinkedIn Workshop

The Illawarra Grammar School TIGS LinkedIn for Year 12 Students

How To Get More Followers On LinkedIn Personal Profile or Company or School Page

Catholic Development Network LinkedIn for You and Your School

EducatePlus NSW ACT Chapter 2017 Conference Maximising the Power of LinkedIn

The Illawarra Grammar School TIGS LinkedIn for Alumni and Local Business

Monash University Engineering Alumni LinkedIn Workshop

Monash University Engineering LinkedIn for Postgraduate Alumni

Educate Plus ACT NSW Generating Community Engagement Using LinkedIn

How can I help your School, College or University

I have been called to assist school, colleges and universities with their LinkedIn strategy and activities.

A very successsful service I offer is

  1. Liaise with the person managing the LinkedIn presence for the School, College or University and make sure that they have a School Page (not a Company Page)
  2. Understand how they are using LinkedIn at present for students, staff, marketing, community engagement, information sharing, brand building, alumni and student outcomes (further study or work) and the most immediate priorities. Work directly with a student prior to the presentation to update their LinkedIn Profile as a pro forma for other students
  3. Providing training for students (recommend the second last year of studies e.g. Year 11 rather than Year 12 in Australia), senior staff and board members, academic staff, career staff, marketing and communication teams, parent and alumni associations. If visiting a school for a full day, start with staff in the morning, students late morning, career/marketing/communication team in the afternoon and a parent and alumni function in the evening (can also incorporate local community members at the evening event)
  4. Provide further specific information on LinkedIn Strategy and Pro Formas for various school departments

Assistance Options

Individual hours of advice
Personal assistance with editing and updating senior staff or principal or vice chancellor LinkedIn Profiles
Full day and evening visit with tailored materials and recording rights
Comprehensive Program including written reports and specific guidelines for moving forward
Additional services related to social media, online presence, careers, business, events and marketing listed here.
Specific projects and special consideration requests most welcome.
Services available online or in person (additional travel costs if outside of Melbourne).
Review website for search engine optimisation and social media as an ‘audit’ with recommendations.

The most popular option is updating a profile for a current student with the careers teacher and conducting a LinkedIn presentation for a Year level (preferably Year 11 for Secondary Schools and First Year for Universities) – I can do this remotely for an unlimited number of students and this includes the rights to record and re-use.

For a list of schools, colleges and universities I have provided services to, please click here.

Click here to make an enquiry now.

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