LinkedIn For Student Members For The Australian Human Resources Institute AHRI

LinkedIn For Student Members For The Australian Human Resources Institute AHRI

By Sue Ellson

Date: Wednesday 3 June 2015 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Organisation: Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
Session: Webinar
Venue: Online
Invitation from: Sarah Hemingway
Introduction: Sarah Hemingway
Topic: “LinkedIn for AHRI Student Members”
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LinkedIn For AHRI Student Members

LinkedIn has over 300 million members worldwide and over five million of them are Australians. If your name is Googled, your LinkedIn profile is likely to appear on the first page of search results. Now is the time to update your profile, before you start looking at your next career option.

Date: 3rd Jun 2015 12:30pm to 1:30pm

This webinar is Free for AHRI Paid Student Members.

Join us at this informative, interactive and practical webinar where you will learn how to:

  • complete your profile so that you can be headhunted for your next role
  • showcase your studies – subjects, projects and extra-curricular activities
  • prepare for the future stages of your career
  • find suitable mentors
  • build your profile online
  • build your network – from university and beyond
  • establish meaningful relationships in your industry and profession

Presenter – Sue Ellson

LinkedIn was started on 5 May 2003 and Sue Ellson joined on 21 December 2003 and she is one of the first 100,000 LinkedIn members worldwide. Her profile is in the top 1 per cent of viewed profiles and she has over 4,500 connections worldwide.

Sue has been actively involved with international human resources since 2000 and has been the voluntary convenor of the International Human Resources Management Network in Victoria for AHRI since 2007 and in March 2014, became a Councillor on the Victorian Council of AHRI. As the publisher of several websites, advisor to Australian and international job seekers and consultant to businesses, Sue regularly generates local and international content, work and business opportunities directly through LinkedIn.

As an Independent LinkedIn Specialist, Sue launched Linked In Australia in August 2013 as an online tool to help individuals with their work, career or business. Sue has published various articles on the topic of LinkedIn, provides training workshops for small groups, speaks at various professional events and provides private client consultations to both individuals and businesses.


This webinar provided me with many excellent suggestions of changes that I can make to my LinkedIn profile to maximise its effectiveness. In particular, I am now motivated to flesh out the information in all areas of my profile to provide a more comprehensive understanding of who I am, what my experience is, and where my interests lie. Kind regards and many thanks.

Thank you for todays webinar you provided a very informative and succinct outline as to what is needed in a LinkedIn profile. It will provide very useful in transforming my profile. Many thanks.

Just wanted to let you know the webinar was very interesting and I will be making a lot of updates to my profile as I haven’t really done anything with it. Especially now that LinkedIn is used by so many employers. Thanks.

I found the tips in the seminar very helpful, particularly in regards to who to add on LinkedIn. I really enjoyed the use of the live examples, I find them really helpful when it comes to learning to navigate LinkedIn. Thank you for the presentation! Kind Regards.

Thanks for holding that webinar.

I would like to connect after listening to your AHRI LInkedIn webinar today. It was informative and I learned new ways to improve my LinkedIn profile. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the clear concise webinar today. It was much more tailored and specific to other generic LinkedIn workshops I have attended.

I just listened to the AHRI Webinar and just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to tell all of us how to create and improve our Linkedin profile, I found the seminar extremely beneficial and I am already updating my profile by explaining my university and listing the subjects which I do. I have no negative feedback at all, I would just suggest that you continue to show the slide which illustrates the statistics you should hope for and to keep showing your profile as it is a great example of what a professional profile should look like.

I found the webinar very helpful. I have begun to update my profile and I feel more confident about how it looks and how I come across to potential employers. I particularly liked the tips about what to add and leave out of a profile when a person doesn’t have much to display, which is true for a lot of students. Thank you for the tips.

Thank you for your presentation earlier today on how to use LinkedIn better. I’ve started updating my profile immediately and found that I have so much to do that I nearly forgot to send you an email. The content of your presentation, in my view, was – Fast, – Clear, – Much, – Helpful, – Inspiring, – Encouraging, – And could have taken much longer. Technically I believe the sound could have been better. Perhaps you had your volume on maximum? Or your mic too close to your mouth? It sounded a bit over-loaded, which at times made your voice a bit unclear. It wasn’t disturbing enough to mention anything during the webinar, but I think it would only take a minor adjustment to make your sound much better. ’t been able to take note of several mentoring options you mentioned. You shared several websites – could you please help me remember those? I’ll quickly go back to improving my profile using all your great tips, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for a very informative webinar on linkedIN profiles. I do have a profile but was seeking ways to improve and better understand its versatility and today you have provided this. I would love to receive the slides so that I can refer to them along with the notes I was able to take, so thank you for that opportunity.

Just writing to thank you for the Linkedin session today for AHRI student members, really appreciated the time to hammer home some decent points to help finetune my profile 🙂

I found this session really informative but came into the webinar late. From what I’ve seen I’ve already gained lots of ideas of what I need to do to update my profile and I’m keen to see the full set of slides. I have only just recently joined LinkedIn and am starting to see the importance of beefing it up with information and key words.

I was part of your webinar today on students use of LinkedIn. I found it highly informative and am currently making the changes that you discussed.

Great Webinar today I learned some useful tips to help improve my profile I’ll work on those over the next few days and hopefully get LinkedIn working for me.

Thank you for the insightful webinar you provided earlier today to AHRI student members. I found it very beneficial and have already made some key changes to my LinkedIn profile.

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