LinkedIn For Women

LinkedIn for Women Free LinkedIn Webinar with Sue Ellson

LinkedIn for Women

By Sue Ellson

This event was designed for Women who would like to learn more about how they can use LinkedIn and is the tenth event in the LinkedIn Insights Webinar and Online Event Series.

It is highly recommended that you read the following articles:–-top-tips-for-women-in-their-work,-career-or-business.aspx

There are several items below including:

  • video recording
  • PowerPoint slides
  • LinkedIn Event page for networking
  • selected comments from the chat in the webinar
  • comments after the webinar
  • reviews after the webinar
  • follow up personal assistance
  • how to say thank you Sue
  • engage on social media
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The LinkedIn Event Video Recording

YouTube link

The LinkedIn Event PowerPoint Slides

The LinkedIn Event Page for Networking

You may also like to visit the event on LinkedIn as for the next 12 months, you will be able to see the 442 people who registered to attend and network away to your heart’s content!

Selected Comments from the Chat in the Webinar

Brilliant info as always Sue – thank you!
Hi Sue, thanks for all the great information.
Thank you Sue madam.
This is great, thank you Sue!
Hi Sue, thanks for the session. I learned a lot of new information to apply. 12:50:32 From Kamila Wolyniec : Question around content and driving engagement
Comprehensive session with lots of helpful ideas, thank you Sue!
Thank you, Sue!
Thanks so much! Great information 
Thanks for today Sue 
Google Review DONE Fantastic presentation.
Thanks so much Sue – very helpful.
Great presentation Sue. Very helpful.
Thank you Sue for such informative session.
Thanks Sue for informative session. Very helpful ideas.
70% perfect is perfect
This was so inspirational, thank you Sue 
Got to know a lot of information. Thank you ma’am.A suggestion – Grammarly can be a helpful support for people who are not confident with writing and editing.
Thank you Sue – very informative and useful.
Thank you for a great seminar.
Thanks Sue, great information. Really appreciate access to all the additional resources as well.
I was late to this event, but finding out so much from the Q&A. Thank you
Love your authenticity Sue
Thank you Sue for so generously sharing your LI expertise to empower all the women in this call. Powerful stuff. Endorsements added for you!
Great content one of the best I’ve watched thanks Sue
Thank you for your great energy, encouragement and enthusiasm – it will get me through the day.
Thank you for making the information very digestible
Thanks Sue!
Thank you for the seminar
So much Information I have to watch again
Thank you Sue:)

Comments after the Webinar

Hi Sue, thank you for a very insightful and value packed session today! I enjoyed it and would love to connect with you to continue supporting you and leveraging your expertise.
Hi Sue, thanks for the seminar. It was digestible and so many tips to apply.
Hi Sue, Thank you generously sharing your knowledge today. The webinar was amazing.
Thanks for the information and excellent session. I joined a bit late but I’m greatful i caught a few things. Thank you.
Thanks so much Sue
I participated in today’s session. I got to know a lot of new things. Thank you and I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.
Thanks for a great conversation today.

Reviews after the Webinar

Alex Robertson
Sue delivered an insightful, entertaining and useful presentation about the benefits of using LinkedIn. Lots of great tips and resources were shared. Thanks, Sue.
Danielle Leray
Joined Sue’s session on LinkedIn for women and it was great. Lots of specific tips that were practical and straight forward. Loved that Sue provides links to all her resources and information to follow up after the session. And she was very generous with her time answering audience questions at the end of the session!
Bob Matson
Sue Ellson gave a fantastic presentation regarding LinkedIn for Women from Australia this evening. Connect with her if you want current info on Linked. Very high energy and engaging.
Katherine Minett
I highly recommend attending Sue’s training. Her Webinar today was jam packed full of ideas and strategies for improving Linked In profile to help get noticed. Lots of resources to follow up on and she delivered it authentically with enthusiasm answering everyone’s questions. Professional and inspiring. Now I’ve got work to do on my own profile and I know how to do it! Thanks @Sue Ellson

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