Love Yourself Poem

Love Yourself Poem By Sue Ellson Pink Flowers Marysville Victoria Australia

Love Yourself Poem

By Sue Ellson


One day I would like you to wake up
And see what I see in you
There is a dear sweet soul inside
That is tired of being blue


There are memories of old
And challenges from times gone by
But they do not define you
It’s time to spread your wings and fly


I understand it isn’t easy
To wrestle from the dried on mud
But the rain is here to wash it away
And release your flowering bud


Right now it is your spring time
And it’s time for you to bloom
The dark night of the soul has passed
Let’s celebrate with some va va voom!


You are by no means alone
There are other people who love you too
My hope is that when you find the love inside
You will realise all this is true


The way you do things is special
Because it is given with love and kindness
Please accept my thanks in return
And in the future, love yourself more not less


I have met various people who seem to carry significant burdens from the past. Some of these challenges are more tragic than others and some seem to have an ongoing significant influence on their everyday life, literally stifling them from opening up and loving themselves or sabotaging their efforts to move forward.

For me personally, loving myself has always felt ‘selfish’ or ‘inappropriate.’ I have always thought it was more important to love others rather than love myself.

But the reality is that I have to live with myself every moment of every day. If I don’t love myself, surely that must make my life somewhat less than it could be?

I have observed that some people try to find something else to give them a good feeling (I rather like dark chocolate and that does seem to help), but more recently, I have started to feel more connected to myself and discovered a new type of contentment. I hope this poem inspires you to love yourself a little more too. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of some pink flowers in Marysville, Victoria, Australia

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