My Story Poem

My Story Poem By Sue Ellson Steavenson Falls Marysville Victoria Australia

My Story Poem

By Sue Ellson


It happened one day
The big thing that changed my life
It created a narrative
That has run absolutely rife


In hindsight I can see
It wasn’t how my life was meant to be
So I relive that moment frequently
Quietly suffocating so slowly


I think about how it ruined my chances
And stopped me from future advances
How it kept me playing oh so small
Just expecting there to be another fall


Then one day I watched a video online
About a guy who had a story just like mine
Of a moment in time that defined his life
Like the pain of a cut from a very blunt knife


My heart ached and the tears welled
How on earth could I counter my years of hell
I could see that I had to find a way
To radically accept I was still okay


Now how do I find
A way to settle my mind
To rewrite the story so carefully scripted
To let go and free fall without that prescription?


As I uncover what I’ve lost
I can also see what I’ve found
As I reflect on my life
I start to hear a new sound


The heartbeat within
Of survival, of strength
Of faith, of love
There is no need to lament


It is what happened
It happened to me
But life is a story
Of how to be


It doesn’t automatically have a beginning, middle and end
It starts, it stops, it changes again
So as I start to release my story of old
I will carry my heart in a gentle hold


For the sweetness within
Is pure and forgiving
My mind will catch up
And I will really start living


As the sun rises each and every day
I will think about my future
And how I want to be
I will let go of those stories
And truly be me


I watched a video on Facebook by Kerwin Rae which showed a ‘healing’ session he had with Peter Crone and he recalled the separation of his parents at the age of six months and how he had been living with that ‘narrative’ for most of his life. It reminded me of a narrative I have used that has often defined my life and it made me think about what that story has both helped and hindered in my own development. It also made me think about the life I would like to create in the future and how to be a story rather than how to tell a story…With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of Steavenson Falls, Marysville Victoria Australia taken on 13 April 2019

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