Shadows Poem

Shadows Poem By Sue Ellson Braeside Park Melbourne Victoria Australia

Shadows Poem

By Sue Ellson


At dawn as the sun arises
The darkness fades
Time opens up
For new escapades


At midday the sun
Shines so bright
Time to pause
And be in the light


At dusk the golden hour
Weaves its magic
Time to reflect
And be nostalgic


On a cloudy day
There is no shadow
Time to contemplate
How to grow


If I stand in the shadow
Of people or time
I might give up myself
So that others can shine


But I can choose the shadow
In which I stand
To be who I am
On my own sacred land


The light will come
The light will fade
And I can find
My very own way


When I break for lunch, I often turn on the television to watch something light and entertaining. On this particular day, I was watching a re-run of Family Ties, an American sitcom with Alex as the young teenager with very ambitious plans for his future, studying with his girlfriend. Alex assumed he would top the school with his grades and be chosen to deliver the valedictory speech and had already prepared what he would say. However, he later found out that his girlfriend had got better grades and she asked him to review her speech and he found it difficult to help her. He later had a chat with his father who explained that in a relationship, he could be the ‘man’ and not be either first or second and that he could enjoy being in the shadow of his girlfriend, because it was his girlfriend.

I thought about how often we choose to stand in the shadow of others or our past stories or challenges and the necessity for us to find a way out of the shadow moments and find our own way to be. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo was taken at Braeside Park, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on 14 December 2019

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