Put It Away And Play Poem

Put It Away And Play Poem By Sue Ellson

Put It Away And Play Poem

By Sue Ellson


As you scroll through your newsfeed today
Of your favourite social media
Do you think about what you are missing
From the days of the encyclopaedia?


Do you reflect on what you see
Or simply move past with ease?
Are the lives on the screen more important
Than the people you can actually talk to?


Have you changed your desire to speak
With a fascination for spotting the weak?
Are you bypassing the reality of life
For an addiction that creates a high?


Avert your gaze from the screen today
And reacquaint yourself with reality
There is a life to be lived
And joy to give – abandon the newsfeed and play!


This poem was prompted by the amount of time I see people scrolling through their newsfeed. I often find myself wishing back the years of my youth – when life seemed so much simpler and mobile phones did not exist. I may be imagining it through rose-coloured glasses, but I miss the days of reality, when everything felt real, not contrived, curated or controlled. The anticipation was thrilling. I have started hand writing letters again and the pleasure is immense. Sure, I love to share words and messages and I can do this so easily with technology. But the joy I feel in sharing something so real cannot be described.

Last night I went out and I never once thought to check my mobile phone. I enjoyed every moment of the evening. I don’t want to ban newsfeeds or mobile phones as they have a real place in my life, but I also do not want to ever abandon reality – and I fear that future generations may miss out…so if I can encourage you to put it away and play…I will be happy!

With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

Photo is of beach at Clifton Springs, Victoria on 6 May 2018

Thanks to Jim Morris for sharing this video too…

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