R U OK? Day Poem

R U OK Day Poem By Sue Ellson

R U OK? Day Poem

By Sue Ellson


On R U OK? day
I was politely asked
If I was okay
And I let out a small gasp


I knew it was coming
And I feared what I would say
Most of the time I am good
But am I okay?


My context can change
And my society is in flux
My values are murky
When my head is mixed up


What needs to change
As I pause and reflect
Do I need some extra help
On my way to what’s next


A small step outside
My own comfort zone
Could take me beyond
All that I’ve known


With courage and kindness
I will share how I feel
For vulnerability itself
Can help me be real


If it doesn’t work out
I’ll try again
For tomorrow is a new day
And I can re-start then


R U OK Day https://www.ruok.org.au is an annual day designed to prompt a discussion with people around you to ‘check in’ and see if the person is okay.

It has definitely increased the awareness about genuinely asking one another ‘how are you?’ and being interested in the answer, even if it is not the typical and often automatic ‘yes.’

When I attended a Mental Health First Aid Course, I learnt a lot about asking questions and then leading people towards future answers.

The last few years have created a lot of external lifestyle changes that have challenged most of us at both a visible and invisible level. I am totally committed to my own personal development, and have been for years, but I have noticed an extra level of support has been required through this time – and I don’t even have a medical diagnosis – just a commitment to continually growing personally and professionally.

However, the people I admire the most are those that go outside of their comfort zone, however big or small that is. The people with the courage to take a first step, have a conversation or even ask for help until they get something that works for them. Not everything does work. Not every first attempt is successful. The disappointments can be discouraging.

This week, for the first time in my whole life, I had a moment of clarity. As if I was fully present in the moment and not thinking about what I should be doing, completing, planning for etc etc etc. Oh wow! It was amazing. So I will definitely be looking for more of those in the future.

Wherever you are on your journey, I hope you can find moments of clarity and contentment. I am here to say it is possible, even if it doesn’t feel probable. I encourage you to be kind to yourself in those moments of despair as there is always a way for us to re-start again. With love, Sue Ellson 🙂

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