Right to Disconnect on RNZ National Radio New Zealand

Right to Disconnect on RNZ Radio National New Zealand with Wallace Chapman, Sally Wenley, Andie McCombs and Sue Ellson

Right to Disconnect on RNZ National Radio New Zealand

By Sue Ellson

Topic: Right To Disconnect

Date: 25 August 2023

Media Outlet: RNZ National Radio New Zealand National

Broadcaster / Interviewer: Wallace Chapman

Panellists: Sally Wenley and Andie McCombs

Producer: Ayana Piper-Healion

Duration: 00:09:24 – 00:19:22

Time: 16:17 New Zealand Time

Audio Recording: 



Topics Discussed:

✔ Australian Government rule change on contacting employees outside of work hours

✔ employees having the legal right to ignore calls, texts and emails from their bosses off the clock unless they are paid an availability allowance

✔ need to educate versus legislate

✔ employees having work phones, tablets and laptops so that they can be passed on to someone else

Further information:

Comprehensive Right to Disconnect background information here.

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