The Many Benefits of SPLID Poem

The Many Benefits of SPLID Poem By Sue Ellson

The Many Benefits of SPLID Poem

By Sue Ellson

Australian owned
Australian designed
The amazing SPLID
Is one of a kind


A spoon
A lid
A jar
The SPLID is such a cool invention
We think it shines just like a star


The table
The pantry
The kitchen
The servery
The cafe
The restaurant
The cafeteria
The nursery


There are so many places
To put your SPLIDs
With eight different colours
You can even impress the kids!


Lift off for easy access
Twist off for an airtight seal
In one continuous hand motion
You can scoop up and sprinkle out
Then replace your SPLID with loving devotion


Oh so handy
No double dipping
Your metric spoon is ready
So much less dishwashing


A world first innovation
To prevent contamination
From hair, dust, insects and germs
Grease, bodily fluids even overgrown ferns


For condiments like salt, pepper and sugar
Herbs, spices, tea, coffee and chocolate
Even protein and smoothie powders
Perhaps even some special flours


So keep your spoons with your lids
And make sure you have your very own SPLIDs
Choose the right size jar for any occasion
Then start your very own SPLIDs celebration​!


First published at The Many Benefits of SPLID

Commissioned by Paul Mathis

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