The Symphony Of The Rainy Night Poem

The Symphony Of The Rainy Night Poem By Sue Ellson

The Symphony Of The Rainy Night Poem

By Sue Ellson


As I walk along
The streets so dark
And hear the rain
Making its mark


In the gutters that overflow
The sound of creeks in full flow
The crashing sounds of the drains
Like waterfalls tumbling to the plains


The tinkle of the rain
On the parked cars glass
The silhouette of trees
Keep changing as I pass


The soft raindrops fall
On my face like kisses
Sent from above
To grant me wishes


As the orchestra of sounds
Fills my heart once more
As the conductor of nature
Creates its own score


Here in my city suburb
A temporary rain forest
With street lights for moons
Wet leaves singing the chorus


As I walk closer to home
I ponder a little more
About how to stay in the rain
That gently inspires me to the core


But return I must
To my own sweet haven
My balance restored
By a walk in the rain


I recently went on a walk in the rain (29 April 2020) in the early hours of the evening and wrote this when I got home. On the walk, there were wet leaves and puddles everywhere and I arrived home sopping wet! However, I had such a wonderful time, even though I was on my own and didn’t have someone to chat with on the journey. I hope this poem inspires you to rug up this winter and enjoy a walk in the rain, even if you are not near a rainforest! With love, Sue 🙂

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