Unravel Poem

Unravel Poem by Sue Ellson Lorne Beach Victoria Australia 13 July 2019

Unravel Poem

By Sue Ellson

By Sue Ellson

As I pause
And wait a while
I feel my heart
Start to file


The thoughts and dreams
I can’t forget
The hurts and harms
I must process


I want to move
Let the moment pass by
It’s uncomfortable to unravel
What I’ve held with pride


If not today, then when
I must make a start
Little by little
Those challenges will part


When I release
Those past memories
I’ll solve my unrest
And find harmony


Submitted to Writers Victoria Magazine for the Unravel Edition on 17 August 2022. Advised unsuccessful on 15 April 2023 and published here on 21 April 2023. #sueellson #sueellsonpoem #unravel

Photo is of Lorne Beach in regional Victoria, Australia on 13 July 2019

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