VCE Exams on 3AW 693 AM Radio Melbourne with Jimmy Bartel

VCE Exams 3AW Radio Melbourne Afternoons with Jimmy Bartel and Sue Ellson

VCE Exams on 3AW 693 AM Radio Melbourne with Jimmy Bartel

By Sue Ellson

Topic: VCE Exams

Date: 2 October 2023

Media Outlet: 3AW 693AM Melbourne

Broadcaster / Interviewer: Jimmy Bartel

Producer: Bianca Johnston

Duration: 00:12:13

Time of show: 14:07

Audio Recording: 12MB

YouTube Video:

VCE Exams on 3AW 693AM News Talk Radio Melbourne with Jimmy Bartel and Sue Ellson

Topics Discussed:

✔ VCE Exams

✔ choices after school

✔ differences between vocational training and education

✔ how to help young people if you are older

✔ how to tackle the exams (one exam at a time, without reflecting on the previous one)

✔ value employer seeks – being able to add value from day one


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VCE EXAMS // 🎓Year 12 exams are being completed now and last week, I chatted to Jimmy Bartel on Fairfax Media 3AW Radio Melbourne about the career options available after the exams.

Yes, this can be a stressful time for students, families, friends and loved ones, but by taking it all one-day-at-a-time and not ruminating over each exam afterwards, it can be managed.

As we discussed, there are so many options after this point in time and if we want to help students, we need to ask them how we can help.

Enjoy the show online at and thanks to Producer Bianca Johnston for reaching out! Don’t forget that Career Development Association Australia career specialists are available for further advice!

#vceexams #careers #sueellson

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