Why is it difficult to make friends as an adult on ABC Radio Melbourne 774AM with Richelle Hunt and Daniel Miles

ABC Radio Melbourne 774AM The Conversation Hour Richelle Hunt and Daniel Miles Why is it difficult to make friends as an adult? With Sue Ellson

Why is it difficult to make friends as an adult on ABC Radio Melbourne 774AM with Richelle Hunt and Daniel Miles

By Sue Ellson

Topic: Why is it difficult to make friends as an adult?

Date: 18 June 2024

Media Outlet: ABC Radio Melbourne 774AM

Presenters:  Richelle Hunt ABC MelbourneDaniel Miles ABC Warnambool

Guests: Hugh McKay Author of ‘The Way We Are‘ and Dr Fiona Kerr Author of ‘The Art and Science of Looking Up

Duration: 00:01:18

Time of show: 11:45am

Audio Recording: between 00:38:56 and 00:40:14 at


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MAKING FRIENDS // Today on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Radio Melbourne, Richelle Hunt from ABC Melbourne, Daniel Miles from ABC Warrnambool, authors Hugh Mackay and Fiona Kerr were discussing ‘making friends.’

I have spent a lot of time on this issue since my move from Adelaide to Melbourne way back in 1994 – and it was the main reason I established my first social enterprise, Newcomers Network in 2001.

I called in to the program to remind people to:

✅ get or borrow a dog and go for a walk around your neighbourhood and talk to people along the way

✅ talk to people with grey hair as they are usually very good conversationalists

✅ visit a local cafe on a regular basis and smile at the people you recognise

There are plenty more ideas in the podcast!

You can listen to my part between 00:38:56 and 00:40:14.

Sadly, people who are 18-25 and 41 – 54 are the loneliest according to the studies mentioned in this radio program.

Hear the whole show at https://www.abc.net.au/listen/programs/theconversationhour/the-conversation-hour-difficult-to-make-friends-as-an-adult/103971234

I often joke that the universal language in life is a smile 😃 – so see if you can find some people to smile at today! Preferably in person!!

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Further information

Dog Share https://www.dogshare.com.au

Finding friends in Australia https://newcomersnetwork.com/australia/information/finding-friends-in-australia

Loneliness Poem https://sueellson.com/blog/loneliness-poem

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